Latest Worst Anime Openings/Endings

Uso da! Seitokai no Ichizon has the best op evur!

Watching any new on-going series? Then you probably know about the terror of ugly, pink, colorful to hell openings and endings which just make you feel disgusted and like not watching the serie anymore, there are quite few at the moment and it’s hard to decide whether anime is just bad and typical or just op/ed. The problem is, that in most cases both of them are.

So here’s my small list.

#6 – Could be nice, could be orginal, could be awesome, but whatever, let’s make it as normal as possible! Seitokai no Ichizon Opening. Even if we consider the music ‘OK’, still the rest fails. There’s nothing special nor interesting, you watch it once and you’re already bored of it. Well, it couldn’t be much better since the anime itself is all about one room and more or less typical characters. Solution for that? Everyone gazing in the sky. Yay.

#5 – The most typical shounen opening you will ever find – Fairy Tail Opening. As you can see, there are scenes of heroes one after another, then some humour fail scenes, then random fights, explosions, all together and finally big angry mob AND totally unexpected finishing ‘Attack each other at once sequence’. Damn boring. Music I can accept, but with these scenes it’s not really good. And this ‘Fairy, where are you going’ line is quite annoying.

#4 – But of course, Fairy Tail Ending. Another TYPICAL (keyword for this serie) ending, with ‘run scenes’ and random humour sequences with characters jumping out whenever lyrics go ‘HEY!’. Simply annoying, not cute, unfunny and perfect for this post.

#3 – Cats + More Cats + Cute Girls + Oh my god turn this music off! – Nyan Koi Opening. I mean seriously, what the hell, music itselfs asks to turn it off, yet they still show pink cherry blossoms and bunch of glow, shiny effects which gouge your eyes out. Not to mention all this lovey~ flying around… Heck, I’m not watching it ever again.

#2 – Vice-Winner of the title ‘Worst Anime Opening/Ending’ is… But of course, Kampfer Opening… You can’t imagine how it hurts me to watch it again so I can make sure it’s worse than the ones before AND DAMN IT IS. The whole idea of this anime is just disturbing and wrong – Guy turning into a girl when approaches enemies. What the fuck? To make it even more creepy, some lesbian loves his ‘girl’ form and guess what? He/She loves her! My god, I think I will have to create new post to get rid of all this annoyance that serie brought me. Anyway, like you can see (And you don’t want to see), there are really dumb, random scenes with breasts, teddy bear monster, guy’s sailor moon transformation, girls about to kiss and other killing-your-brain stuff. Heck, that’s too japanese, even for an anime.

#1 – Winner or rather biggest Loser of all – You can guess, as it’s damn weird I didn’t mention it before – Kampfer Ending. (Sorry for bad quality link, yet that’s an advantage here…) That’s. Fucking. Horrible. I mean, except for horrible music, it had to be more creepy and disturbing, it’s kampfer after all. So here we go, every female swinging ass to the left and right, then some swimsuits with teddy bears coming out of them AND of course including Main Character which is obviously Guy/Girl, so you watch him/her in maid/swim suits, knowing that penis is hidden. What kind of Fanservice is that?! Take it away! x_x

Considering this autumn’s On-going series, I will be scared to watch new ones in the winter, I mean honestly, not only Ops/Eds fail here, but latest anime just seem more and more brainless, stupid and typical OR unique in the very, VERY wrong ways. Judge for yourself if any of above is worth calling ‘atleast good’.

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