Winter 09/10 upcoming Anime

Uh… I just got to see incoming series and I gotta say, that’s damn hopeless!

HERE‘s the chart.

And what do we have here?…

Durarara! surely looks interesting, from the creators of Baccano! and it’s rather mysterious, that’s a plus here, as other series aren’t that unpredictable, that one can be surprising in many ways. Looking forward to it!

Dance in the Vampire Bund, my God, spare us, sinful humans who once again screw up Vampires! First it was good, we saw them in horrors, comedies, THEN totally homo vampires in Twilights, therefore romance and now what? POLITICS! WHAT THE… oh, it can be interesting.

So-Ra-No-Wo-To, either a big fail or funny comedy, one episode will reveal its true face.

Hanamaru Kindergarten, uhhh… Kindergarten Romance…. Ughhhh… No.

Gag Manga Biyori+, wha… huh… No thanks…

Qwaser of Stigmata, Okay now that’s the biggest, the worst, the scariest thing I could see there. First I think I see .hack, then I look closely, it’s more like D.Gray-man’s Allen, wow, then I read the description ‘a being who can manipulate iron and draws his powers from breast milk’ ……. WHAT THE FUCK? …… FUCK THE WHAT?……. THE WHAT FUCK? …..HOW… WHY… SERIOUSLY..? … MY HEAD… IT HURTS… IT REALLY DOES…. FFFFFUUUU JAPAN!

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, more pink-haired doom, ugh, yet it can be interesting if the difference between classes will be any crucial, I mean, in Ouran Highschool Hostclub it worked awesome, I doubt it in this case tho.

Hidamari Sketch, No.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3, HUH? Fushigi Yuugi? What is THAT doing here? Wait.. It’s not called Fushigi Yuugi… HUH? You’re telling me it’s OTHER anime?.. What the hell, the alternative name must be ‘Totally Not Fushigi Yuugi’ and like my mate suggested, will be followed-up by serie ‘Totally Not Fushigi Yuugi: Not at all’. That’s just hillarious.

, weird name, weird and mysterious ‘old part of town’, strange yet adorable girl on the pic, okay that’s gonna be good. ._.

Omamori Himari, ‘protected by Himari, a beautiful, sword-wielding cat girl spirit’ NEEEEEEEEXT…

Ladies vs Butlers, one big ‘what…?’, as long as these maids don’t turn in cats it can be good… Maybe…

Chu-Bra, imo aka ‘Totally not Fanservice’, ‘underwear club’ Okaaay… It’s not typical at all, I’m sure there will be a lot of awesome scenes that we can’t see in any other anime… Totally… Yeah…

Weiss Survive R, Uhm… No. Unless I get sucked in the past and there’ll be digimons in that serie. Btw. that girl in the middle reminds me of someone…

Oh… Right.

Okay that’s all, if I skipped some that means I decided to skip it just by looking at the picture. So overall there are VERY FEW series that may be interesting (Durarara! is the only one I really hope in), therefore it seems like another bad season. But we will see, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the summer there would be anime with characters getting super powers by eating dandruff or transforming into maid-cat-mecha thing. Sheesh, stop doing that Japan, onegai… x_O

One comment on “Winter 09/10 upcoming Anime

    You speaks my mind! I think I’ll try Durarara and Sora no woto….and maybe the one with panties club….just kidding ;)

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