Divinity II: Ego Draconis – Review Part 3

Finally next part of the review, it took a bit long and the problem is – I still haven’t completed the game. Why? My PC broke, had to format it and lost all saves. I was close to the end though. So I will just focus on the plot and then the next part will be about Dragon Form, Enemies, Disadvantages and avantages. (I’ll split it in more parts after all, as that one is longer than expected)

So this time I will focus on the plot,

So I’ve already told you what happens until you’re on a ‘find dragon location’ quest. Once we ask local people and find out about it, we tell it to our Dragon Slayer supervisor, she tells us that we need to go through some kind of trial to fight a ghost. So we go into chapel (What the hell… There’s a priest speaking in latin! It feels like spending damn sunday in wrong place) and RUUUN to the backdoor just to avoid listening to it.

Don’t ask me if I tried to kill the priest, just don’t

On the other side there are skeletons and finally a ghost appears. We beat it and it tells us his name(appearently it’s some kind of king) and gives us his sword. Then on the way to leave the chapel, we get stopped by our annoying supervisor who just can’t believe that we met THAT ghost(Chosen one, bitch). After that, we’re free to leave newbie location and head to the further part of the map, where we find lying down dragon. We get close and there’s that cutscene when she turns into a woman and uses her mindtricks to… Oh my god plot twist! Close your eyes! – TURN US INTO A DRAGON KNIGHT! And because of that we get a taste of dragon form, being teleported to some kind of Damian’s fortress, destroy stuff like catapults, balists(which is a childplay) with dragon breath and some random 1-hit-kill fireball with a cooldown.

Once we’re done screwing it up, there’s cutscene that we get attacked by Damian and fall down on the ground, yet he spares us and just kicks us in the head, poor guy didn’t even screw my hairstyle. Well, the important thing is, in the whole ‘dragon form fun’ we were introduced to totally_not_copied_from_Dark Messiah of Might and Magic_voice_in_your_head, which is obviously the dragon who died, or more like jumped into our brain, just to tell us stuff during our journey so we don’t feel lonely. (She sounds completely same as the one in Dark Messiah, works in the same ways too, mocks when we do something good and encourage to do something bad, but heck, that’s not copying, we’re not dealing with devil chick, it’s DRAGON evil chick!). Well, if we’re looking into every hole in the ground on the whole map, we can find a necromancer at the very beginning of the game, which will give us a pet if we bring him a skull from the quest. Well, then after getting kicked they show us, that we’re actually tricked and the truth is – we play a Harry Potter game. How so? We meet goddamn Dumbledore!

OH YOU’VE GOT to be kidding me!

Not to mention that Damian looks like damn Voldemort now that you think about it and he seems to be a guy who went crazy and was good at the beginning! What the hell!

He tells us that the key to beat Vold-.. Damian, is to find a ghost in some kind of fortress in the middle of a valley. Once we get there through many and I mean MANY skeletons which, we get into his chamber, get down the elevator and … What the.. He’s no there! Wait what’s that book… ‘ You’re too dumb to meet my master, answer my lore questions correctly and then I let you meet him lol’ …Oh…My…God. Thing is, we can redo it as much as we want, so random clicking seems damn rational, unless you know for example who was this guy’s wife. Once he appears he tells you some dumb stuff about having his soul stolen and he tells you to go to ANOTHER fortress (this time protected by people), where your way to become Jedi Knight will be complete. Wait, I meant Dragon Knight! It’s not like they gave us ability to jump 3 metres high, right? Oh wait … They actually did. Well, the whole new fortress penetrating has its goal for us to be able to turn into a dragon anytime. Of course, the chick in our head keeps going ‘That fortress is gonna be a challenge’ and continues saying stuff like that, but when you finally get high enough level (~11, same as mobs around it), it turns out to be unexpectedly easy. So you go there and WHOA! Your Dragon Slayers friends are in front of it! And damn the Jedi Sense, they find out we’re ‘tainted’ and that we went to the dark side. Our old ‘supervisor lady’ gives us back the sword we gave her after beating the ghost of a king as a farewell ‘please die fast’ gift, then leaves us to the mercy of other two slayers, which we beat easily. Once inside, there are numerous chambers where ‘your agility, strength, wisdom will be put into practice’, really easy ones it seems. Like for example ‘jump on the stone thingies to get to the top and pull a lever’ or ‘in a symmetrical room find an item which doesn’t fit’, OR a room full of gold items and they tell you some hard to guess tip like ‘do not touch the gold, DO NOT TOUCH IT DUDE IT HURTS!’, but of course I had to touch it and what happened? A lightning hit me and took HALF of my hp! Then I’m like ‘Dude it itches!’ and I try to open damn gold chest, *shhhshshsss* HAH! I’m still alive loser! And then mysterious voice gives you ‘last warning’ and as hard as it sounds, I finally picked up pumpkin which surprisingly wasn’t made of gold and completed that, how tricky test. Finally when we get to the important part, we see a failguy who can’t turn back into human form and is stuck to being a Dragon. On the way there we get a quest from a ghost to find a book which is used to turn people into dragons, it turns out that ghosts here are being tormented by the guy who gave us a quest to find his soul in here and bring it back to him, so ghosts ask us to DESTROY IT. Whoa we can choose! How sweet. We can just tell them right away that we don’t care and kill them all for some more exp and then also get some rewards once we give back soul to the guy or destroy it, go to him and tell him ‘Whoops my hand slipped’ to make him disappear and fight some more skeletons. Now coming back to the dragon, we find out from the book that we need a vial of his blood and some item that he protects, so we run all the way to the altar when he shoots fireballs in our ass(That was the only challenge out there), get what we need and go back while he still shoots them, ouch. Once we get that plus a vial of blood found in his chamber, we use the book to turn him into a human, go there and fight him again. The problem is, if you haven’t completed most of the quests and killed most of mobs, he will probably kill you with two arrows. But meh, a bit of hiding and potions do the job. After that the door to our Dragon glory opens!

Damian – don’t tell his name to NPCs or your game’s gonna crash!

… Wait, what is Damian doing here! Oh, he just sends us some more mobs and disappears, how orginal. We beat them and teleport to an island. Soon we talk with the island’s spirit who tells us that we need to pick people who will serve us and the rest will be killed. You bastard! I can’t kill them all?!… That’s some interesting plot twist though, we get to see all of these people who are already informed of the situation and are licking our asses just to stay alive, there’s even that guy who’s good for nothing and lies to be an awesome alchemist, mindreading does its job. There’s also a dragon slayer who’d rather serve us than die and we can just tell him to challenge the other warrior, who turns out to be a woman he doesn’t want to fight, we can force him to fight her and he’ll die being the weaker one, therefore less useful as a teacher. Finally we pick a necromancer, there’s a master and his apprentice which is asking us for a permission to poison his master. Enchanters also can be tested in a competition to make the best sword they can. Once we talk to all of them, we go to the totems that go out of the ground and tell them which one we pick(unless someone has been poisoned/killed). Then we get to do quest of summoning a ghost of a wife killed by the crazy guy who’s running the tower in the middle of island, only she can make him open the barrier(Actually to send some npcs to kill us) so we can go in. On the way there just like inside we have to fight, fight and fight and finally when we get to the throne chamber where we beat the crap out of the current fortress’ master, Voldemort and Dumbledore appear to talk a bit, then they go away and yay, it’s ours now. All of these guys we picked are in their own chambers, serving us with enchantments, potions, enabling us to learn ‘further’ in the skills (from max level 5 to 10) and pet modification. Plus we get a guy who changes the music inside of the tower(kind of alive iPod), three guys who search for any plants/ores(you can gear them up with armor, weapon and after they come back – heal with potions). And the scary, homo guy who’s sitting NEXT TO OUR BEDROOM and offers us change of haircut, face, but also sex change! You’re so not touching me…! Apart from new NPCs we get stone which enables us to teleport to our tower from anywhere around the world, right into one of the slaves’ chambers or throne room.

My own, little Frankenstein.

Finally we get the dragon stone and we can turn anytime. But it appears that Damian has destroyed the whole last area and it’s full of poison gas so we can just fly above it(they warn us that we won’t be able to complete old quests once we go into that tower), but meh, there’s that next huge area we get to explore. At this point we already get informed by Zandalor(aka Dumbledore), that the main city (where we haven’t been yet) is being attacked by hordes of mobs, so he asks us to go there and help him. We don’t have to hurry though and instead go destroy Damian’s flying fortress(with bosses who drop items which we can give to our slaves in the tower to increase their capabilites. Other than that, there’s also problem with goblins who rule the valley, so we can just make it completely clear, thanks to our new dragon form.

When we decide to go help Zandalor, it turns out that we have to help fixing zeppelin first and find parts of it in wyvern’s nests. Appearently the thing that we’re Dragon Knight is still unknown to people and they think we’re mighty Dragon Slayer, so we just go and find them these parts. Once we give them, they fix it and we can fly to the city anytime. In there we go into a hall where we’re meant to protect Zandalor who closes rifts that spawn enemies. That’s how far I got.

So far I can say that if we ignore these cliche parts of the plot, it’s quite good and surprising. At some point it may seem to be boring, but soon after we’re done with one thing(let’s say, fighting hordes to get to the top of a fortress) we get to do some riddles, quests and fly spitting fireballs of destruction as a Dragon. It lacks different routes though, as all the choices we get don’t mean anything, but other than that it’s really interesting. Maybe not epic as KOTOR or Gothic, but still good.

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