Top Ten Anime of 2009

I really dislike doing things like ‘choosing top blahblah of decade’, as in these 10 years happens SO MUCH that I can’t remember it whole and every year I’d like to change the list. So here I am going with my very own, list of Top Anime of 2009. There are 10 spots and honestly speaking – many winners.

10th place – Canaan

I was considering taking it to 9th, but I really can’t do that, except for Action scenes, some of plot twists and surprises, the serie was really average.

9th place – K-On!

Lucky Star with lots of music. Well, I really liked all the ‘festivals’ parts, also Mio was just ~moe moe kyuun~! But still for a comedy it wasn’t all that funny and instead a bit repeatable – Twice going on the Beach, like… Why… It has only 12 episodes! Show something more interesting! Oh wait.. Christmas.. Totally didn’t see that coming.

8th place – Clannad ~After Story~

First season was much, much better. Clannad suddenly jumped to adulthood, showing all this unnecessary part of Tomoya’s job, his problems and things like that. I liked the child part though, but again – old characters were totally ignored, no Kyou, no Kotomi, what the heck! Showing them in one or two scenes really doesn’t make it all good, appearently producers didn’t realise that Nagisa and Tomoya AREN’T the only liked characters in the serie.

7th place – Toradora

Why? Because it was the first, non-cliché school romance in a long time. I liked development of the characters, only supportive-ones though, that’s why it’s getting quite a low spot, Taiga and Ryuuji were quite annoying, Ami and Minori saved that show though. Plot twists were also quite enjoyable.

6th place – Skip Beat!

That was a sweet surprise, I’d never expect it to turn out that good. It actually made me laugh a few times, too bad that comedy was left a bit behind further in the episodes, replaced by romance(not that bad though). Still, they sticked to comedy even in ‘drama scenes’ and that made it exciting.

5th place – Maria†Holic

Now the most interesting series of the year, I’d call these 5 winners, were a great show.
If someone asks for a comedy title that was just best in 2009, Maria Holic takes the cake. Why? It was extremely funny to watch. It really reminds me of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the first serie, as it was the only good one and shares comedy-style with Maria Holic(Spam of text, sudden changes of view, funny faces and that kind of thing). Plot was really random, still it wasn’t really a mistake here, just like in SZS(not that random though). Characters were convincing, original and funny, like for example Priest who’s doing lots of wrong assumptions based on everything he hears, An evil ‘maid’ and of course Maria – devil in a disguise.

4th place – Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Well, 4th place is Phantom. Even though I can honestly say that the first 10 episodes were hard to get through, once I did so, I got sucked in it. The plot suddenly became compelling, characters started developing rapidly and all kinds of characters plot twists were surely exciting. It lacked a lot, I mean, I got really annoyed at characters more than once, because of the obvious stupidity they showed. Then why does it take so high place here? Because of the ending, it was so good that I felt like ‘MOAAAR’ once I watched it whole, sticking to OST for a few days. Opening ‘Karma’ was really a key to be on this spot. Well, I was considering switching places with Maria Holic, but the fact that Phantom made me brain-dead after watching it, surely means that it deserves it.

3rd place – Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini

Why? Because action scenes were awesome, just like music and animation. Plot got really twisted and good too, only with the disadvantage that it ended too open and again we have to wait so long for continuation. For more reasons check my review.

The second place takes…

2nd place – Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

A sequel of Natsume Yuujinchou, why? Was quite beautiful, soothing and awesome, Opening and Ending just made it all better. I can’t say I really liked Natsume comparing to characters in others mentioned anime, but still side characters were really good, just like the plot. Watching it calms me down and just thinking about it reminds me of that nice atmosphere and music. That’s the kind of anime I’d like to re-watch every year. Kind of like Mushishi.

~And the winner is!~…

… Hah, who didn’t see that coming!

1st place – Fullmetal Alchemist and… Wait, there’s more? Oh yes there is! Since FMA isn’t really finished, it shouldn’t be lonely on the spot – top ones are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood & Eden of the East!

Why did I put still airing serie? Because still there’s nothing that can beat these soon-to-be-40 episodes, even though it’s not finished. It’s the anime I wait for impatiently every week, knowing that I will be amazed and excited with the next episode, without a slightest worry about it being bad. That alternative story is all I wanted, it cuts off scenes that were annoying me in the first serie and instead we get more action, more complex plot and new, awesome characters. If I had to pick, I’d pick it over Eden of the East without second thought, but it’s not finished and who knows what can happen. All FMA Brotherhood openings are just epic, songs and scenes, EVERYTHING about them. There’s one disadvantage though, we don’t know how many episodes will be out there and the sudden ‘To be Continued’ will probably kill me ._.

Eden of the East – Right next to FMA, gained its glory thanks to Opening, Ending, Great Atmosphere, Main Character, Music, Animation, Plot and everything except for the girl – Saki’s awful appearance. Can’t wait to watch the movies which are supposed to be a continuation. Must say, that all the time while watching every next episode I felt that it could be a really good anime movie.

Last year, even though with many disappointing anime like Nyan Koi, Kampfer, Seitokai no Ichizon and Princess Lover, showed a really nice development in the animation, graphics. Action scenes look so damn epic now and there’s no characters throwing Shurikens with 2 metres long hands made of gum, unless it’s Naruto of course. Most of the series here I started watching with the attitude ‘Meh, maybe it won’t be that bad’ and was surprised quite a few times, that pretty much tells me not to judge anime by its short reviews. Hopefully you enjoyed that year as much as I did.

2 comments on “Top Ten Anime of 2009

  1. Oh, I’m glad Phantom appears in your top five. I’ve been looking around the blogsphere and everyone seems to forget about this anime (except psgels, that is)
    K-ON is very controversial regarding its quality so it’s a matter of tastes, I guess. And FMA Brotherhood, I haven’t watched this one because it’s so long and I’m not a fan of the first season.

    • Well, I’m not surprised, no matter how stereotypical it sounds – there are two kinds of anime fans, these who like pure action and these who prefer emotional kinds of shows. That’s why my list may seem to be very subjective. Glad we agree about Phantom being there though!

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