Darker Channel – Living the Dream

So not long ago, I found this damn awesome picture parody of Lucky Channel from Lucky Star, with Darker than BLACK characters instead and name ‘Darker Channel‘, then I got this idea to write posts under that name, whenever I find something interesting, popular in the Anime community. These posts will mostly include famous memes and their developments, today the first Darker Channel post introduces…

#1 Darker Channel – Living the Dream!

Throughout Darker than BLACK we can see a lot of scenes like: Hei drinking or slapping one of the girls, therefore someone got this brilliant idea to make a comic, which base is ‘1. Hei slaps 2. Hei proudly drinks alcohol scene’. Sooner though, or more like, with the last episode, new version of the comic was invented. Check below.

Hei & Havoc

Hei & Amber

Hei & Suou

Finally, a gif was created:

And the last version I saw, was the one I mentioned, based on the last episode:

Hazuki & Hei

As you can see the last one is a C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! I must say, that made me laugh a bit, I didn’t really focus on Hei slapping and drinking, but now that you put it in one gif, it really looks ridiculous.

That’s it for the first post of the serie, see you soon!

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