Darker Channel – Burger-kun

Welcome to the second Darker Channel post! Yet again zooming in the serie Darker than Black.

What’s ‘Burger-kun‘? It’s a Fan Nickname created by that guy’s fandom. The guy himself is a Contractor who appeared in the first episode of Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini. He was on screen for about ONE MINUTE in which he died killed by RAIN and yet still he’s damn popular. His power – Moving faster than bullets, remuneration: Guess yourself. Surprisingly it’s not eating Pizza as you probably thought.

Burger-kun eating a burger.

Got to admit, there are some crazy Burger-kun fans out there, just check THIS out:

CLICK for full size.

Uh.. As we can see, Burger-kun is fast, yeah I think he meant that…

Some fans just do simple fanarts instead, like this soothing scene of Burger-kun giving Burgers to the Magician. How cute.

There are even people who would like to change the serie’s name ’cause of Burger-kun…

Hm, that sounds good.

Appearently, to create quite average-size fandom, consisting of fangirls making sounds that only dogs can hear and some phisicists, you need to put a character in your anime, who’s there for about ~1 minute and is eating random Fast Food. I think drinking Pepsi would work too though.

Nevertheless, people who would like to see it under the title ‘Burger than Black‘ aren’t that far from the true meaning of it… A disturbing picture I’ve found:


Shocking truth. Appearently Hei was Burger-kun all along! BURGER-KUN SURVIVED, FANDOM BROUGHT HIM BACK!… And with this, how scary presentation of Burger-kun’s powerful fandom, that’s it for today’s Darker Channel, see you next time!

One comment on “Darker Channel – Burger-kun

  1. OMG, i know it’s an old post, but after DTBrg burger-kun was my fav chara, and i have no idea why. He was on the screen around 1 minute, but his funny voice and “Surrender and i will give ya burgers!”. Thats good i’m not the only strange here =w=

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