Dance in the Vampire Bund – The Beginning

It was really, REALLY hard experience for me to watch the whole first episode, I don’t remember watching ANYTHING with that kind of disappointment and ‘PLEASE END ALREADY‘ attitude. Quite a torment, yet somehow I managed to complete it and you can already guess how bad it was, but here’s some explanation and pics:

So at the very beginning we see all this chaos, which is supposedly shown to us so we realise that this show is about… *cough* Vampires *cough* and it’s quite serious too, we can see some parts of TV News about mysterious serial killing case, surrounded by rumours and signs of teeth on the necks of the victims obviously lead to Vampires. Finally, after all these ‘we came from nowhere to brainwash you‘ scenes, we get to see some dumb TV Show where they speculate whether Vampires do or do not exist. At this point we can allready see that lineart is worse and better depending on what is shown.

Oh dear

When it comes to the main characters, lineart becomes smooth and detailed, even animation goes nuts, I mean seriously, Boobs Bounce scene was just a joke…

Didn’t want to make a gif, but you can imagine.

The whole thing lasts for more than half of the episode and all we have to watch is how some mysterious characters try to convince sceptical and reasonable people to the fact, that in that anime Vampires DO exist(Oh you don’t say…). All the time until ‘hand of a vampire killer’ is shown, nothing serious happens, just a bit of pointless talk, ‘Oh my god vampires are everywhere!‘ broadcast and some random, old scholar denying everything.

According to our meteorology experts, today it will rain VAMPIRES

Then finally we get to see some ‘action’ when it turns out that vampire was in studio all along, just waiting for the occasion to take his hand back. Moreover, that was all planned by ‘Vampires family‘ to find the guy and get rid of him.

Fullmetal Hei Vampire or what

Whoa whoa…

Oh okay, it was just a Vampire Chimera

You shall not fear, for Ladder Kendo Broadcasting Woman and Broom-Equipped Maid want to kick some chameleons

When that happened I got afraid, Chimera vampires versus maids and ladders, but hey! Screw all this, our main character, who’s obviously a scary little girl, goes on screen and kills the bad guy with her sight.

And here’s Allucard’s superior

And finally with the girl’s announcement that Vampires do exist and they’re going to be established on the faraway Bund, invites everyone to ‘dance with them’ and disappears into the darkness of night just to reappear in the terrible ending. Hooray.

I was expecting much more than that, atleast blood is not censored and little Vampire princess looks cool.(Well, unless she takes off her clothes). But I have to say, that tendency to show random scenes and damn boring first episode didn’t really convince me to try out another episode, which I will probably see anyway with pleasure after I try out Qwaser.

4 comments on “Dance in the Vampire Bund – The Beginning

  1. I was expecting far greater amount of blood than this episode actually gave me. I can deal with boring first episode but I just can’t endur bloodless shows, LOL

  2. Somewhere deep inside I still believe that Dance in the Vampire Bund will ‘unshit itself’ (I’ve needed new phrase to express how terrible first episode was).

    Basicly :
    – boing boing – was creepy, do not want to see it ever again.
    – chameleon-vampire – what’s this I don’t even…
    – ladder-kendo (copyrighted) – just…why…what…..the fuck?…

    I’m mad at myself that I wasn’t drunk when I’ve watched it, could’ve been so much more enjoyable that way.

    • More enjoyable? You mean AT LEAST A BIT enjoyable*

      Well, I doubt it will ‘unshit itself’ unless vampires stop being so ghay, cuz I’m quite sure one will turn into a butterfly.

      Boing Boing – way to fail at the fanservice.

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