Baka to Test to Shokanju – And the battle begins

At first I was afraid that it would be another fluffy, eyes stabbing anime with some poor sense of humour, BUT it turned out that my worries were limited only to the Opening, as after it everything was shining brightly and I can already say: I’m going to watch this serie to the very end.


The plot begins when our Main Hero gets assigned to a class depending on his Exam result, it’s not that surprising that in a comedy focused on school-battles, he appears to be a moron and gets to the worst class. Main plot sounds a bit cliche – I mean – the whole thing is appearently all about main characters getting to the top class ‘A’ from the worst ‘F’, so it’s just ‘I want to get stronger’ kind of bullshit, which in this case means – Getting better at subjects and passing exam with better results, atleast from here onwards it goes special.

Cool class bro

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t nowhere as annoyed by that fact as when I watched 1 minute of Dance in the Vampire Bund. Everything that disappointed me – Opening sequence which was Kampferish and a rather dumb plot – were just a small piece of cake, as the serie appeared to be unexpectedly comfy to watch. I was glad that the difference between classes was crucial as I wished for it and I really liked how the whole F class is falling apart and the teacher replies to everything ‘Deal with it‘ and he suddenly goes ‘Just kidding! Here, have some glue‘. The top class has laptops and reclining seats, so yeah they are really desperate to get there.

Nevertheless all characters so far were atleast average, apart from Genius Pink-Haired Doom Girl(aka G.P.H.D.G). I really liked the guy who uses every possible chance to look under girls’ skirts like a true ninja, it’s not really surprising that his Summoned Being is a chibi lying on the ground with a camera. Main hero isn’t really awesome, yet gave me a lol when he summoned his chibi, who’s clumsy and as it turns out, the damage received by his chibi is transferred back to the master. There’s also that red-haired class rep, who is pretty much planning strategies and smiles all the time knowing the outcome of everything.. In the first episode I actually considered HIM a much better main character than the actual one.


Oh, here goes pantsu ninja

Thought it was going to be a lame ecchi scene? Surprise! It got followed up by a dramatic dying ’cause of nosebleed scene

And just like in a good comedy, everything turns out to be on the side of classroom while others ignore them

Coming back to the plot, the school which characters attend is actually a Project, to be precise it’s meant to be a battlefield directly connected to the school subjects – you’re good at math? Do a math exam and your points become your summoned being’s attack points. Therefore the smarter(subjects-wise) you are, the stronger you are. That’s why classes can challenge each other anytime and if a lower class wins, they can swap places with losers and just like that, class A is the most powerful one, including all the best students.

Chibi 2d fights, damn cute

Chibi Camera-Guy’s pose wins

In the first episode there’s already a battle between main characters (F) and E class. Class rep got his plan to beat them, which was so damn obvious from the very beginning but whatever, it was just natural that clumsy Main Hero was a sacrifice while G.P.H.D.G was the hidden striking force.

Main hero’s chibi is surprisingly funny, making his master bleed whenever he gets hurt as they’re exceptionally connected

G.P.H.D.G is getting ready to one-hit opposing class

A plot twist I guess, SHE’S OVER 4 HUNDREEED!

While the plot is average, lineart, animation are really good. What I found especially exciting though is the comedy part. Reminds me a lot of my favourite comedies like Ouran Highschool Host Club. The ending is also pretty decent, atleast not colorful and terrible like the opening, so here I won’t really judge as it’s really meaningless for a comedy anime.

First promising serie of this season, hopefully not last.

2 comments on “Baka to Test to Shokanju – And the battle begins

  1. I’m still surprised at how the hell I was able to enjoy this show. Hope that it won’t turn into another harem-crap. Still, even tho I enjoyed it I already can’t stand pink haired chick (another one of those always-ill, ridiculously cute with a voice of constantly raped 12 year old girl) and somewhere deep inside I’m hoping for a bloody meeting with a millitary truck for her.

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