Vampires, love and nudity

Like it tends to be, first episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund didn’t reveal much, while the second one shows us everything. Just that one episode told us already, that the whole thing is going to be about love between Queen of the Vampires and some childhood friend who lost his memory thanks to amnesia. Sounds lame? Well I just started…

Watching the previous episode already left me with the feeling of dissatisfaction and I didn’t expect to find slightest joy in watching the next one, unexpectedly my pessimistic approach was just damn right.

Hey, maybe atleast it’ll have opening, filled with poetry and atmosphere boost‘, I thought to myself, and the very next second when I played the episode I see a .. Countdown… On Mina‘s chest.

My last hope was shattered as I realised that IT WENT ALL THE WAY WRONG, focusing on some form of young girl nudity instead of the problem of vampires itself, it wasn’t really surprising that Opening was just a joke in a very bad taste, I mean, Mina just took of her clothes and started dancing on a construction site. Obviously, every scene was carefully covering her tits, but it wasn’t that shy for long I am afraid…

Once she met her ‘I don’t remember you anymore’ friend, it was just obvious that it’s gonna be LOVEY DOVEY romance, I didn’t expect things to proceed that fast though…

…That he’d protect her life without a doubt! What were you thinking? Oh wait.. You weren’t wrong

‘I’m out of sunscreen, could you give me a hand…?’

Oh come on! He won’t just touch random loli vampire in a dark storage, that would be disturbing.


As we can see, the show isn’t so discreet anymore, topless body of our loli vampire was shown for about 2 minutes of the episode, I don’t know if it was either to convince us that Vampires are shameless or to get audition of people who like to see naked, young Vampires. Probably both. Surprising was the fact that Mina Tepes wasn’t just a shameless, bloodsucking and proud Vampire, but also a cute, crying girl.

A scary monster appeared…

A loli Vampire cried…

A pinky promise was made…

So it turns out that guy is a werewolf…

Who pinky-promised to save loli whenever she cries.

THE END. Wasn’t that just exciting?

As it turned out, that serie doesn’t posses any ‘inner, beautiful meaning’ or atleast ANYTHING orginal. Pinky promises, guy saves the girl thanks to a power-up activated when she cried, plus some mutated vampires. Way to fulfil my low expectations, really.

2 comments on “Vampires, love and nudity

    • Yeah, Werewolf and Vampire sounds too Twilightish. In Manga atleast there’s no pinky-promise and chopper (or whatever was in there) shooting scene, appearently SHAFT thought that anime needs some ‘ORGINAL IDEAS’.

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