Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini OST

Finally! It came out! One of the best OSTs of the year 2009. You should definitely buy it if you’re a big fan of Ishii Kouji‘s music. Nevertheless HERE you can download the torrent. Remember that you can simply hear them all on youtube, so if you don’t like illegal ways or spending money – go there. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the most recognisable  songs!

1. Dive into the 9 – First half is almost same as in the Anime, it goes a bit different after that, but still remains enjoyable and in the same tone.
2. Savage Dog Cerberus – In the Anime it always started surprisingly and suddenly, that’s what I really loved about it, here instead we get this looong entrance, which is actually bad, just like further part of the song. My favourite one got totally screwed, too bad…
3. Galaxy Train – Simply awesome, the whole, long part from the anime is repeating throughout the song. Even though it’s a lot more redundant, it’s still really good.
4. No. 23 – Great, I simply love that melody. The only thing I dislike is the voice shouting the same thing over and over.
5. Soul Fusion
6. Jesus Cloud
7. Karura’s Flame – Listening to it without these action scenes is quite boring.
8. Suizen Reika
9. Psychic Contact – Soothing, calm and nostalgic.
10. Lightning Flash Poem – Really fast and short, sounds as good as in anime.
11. Candraprabha’s Tears – Everyone remembers this sad, dramatic track. A bit depressing, but nicely done.
12. Brand New Happiness – Was quite okay in anime, but listening to it itself is quite bad.
13. Fire ~cause of a fire~
14. Laughing Vajra Kumara – Really good one, includes that ‘bumping’ and is undoubtedly one of the best action tracks.
15. Angular Sphere
16. Yahweh’s Forest
17. Nyogen’s Midnight Town– Awesome background music, even though I don’t remember it at all from the anime, that one is a good surprise.
18. Serenade of Nirvana– I recognise it with Yin and Hei, as in OVA preview. Feels very nostalgic and surely is a beautiful melody.
19. Moonlight Guidepost (Opening) – Really liked it and still do!
20. From Dusk Till Dawn (Ending) – Abingdon School Boys, as always good stuff.  Nowhere as good as Soul Eater’s ‘Strength’ though, still average/good.

Usually in my favourite anime series I find 3-5 good tracks, here are atleast 6 that I will stick to for a longer time. I’m quite satisfied, yet considering how it was in the short version and now in the full one, could’ve been better. Still, fabulous!

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