FMA Brotherhood: The plot continues

Now that 38 episodes have passed, my truly favourite serie of 2009 goes all the way forward(or actually back… In time), as in the Episode 40 we finally see the past of Van Hohenheim, Elric Brothers’ father. Suddenly we move away from Briggs and head into another mysterious part of the anime, obviously announced with a new, awesome Opening and Ending sequences. What can we expect? Plot twists, further characters development and surely more focus on so-far ignored Hohenheim and his blood-relative Homunculus. Finally, all characters are on the chess board, is it going to end soon? No idea, that’s all ahead of us, so let’s just skip that guessing part and take a closer look at the Op & Ed.

Despite the music being a bit behind comparing to other openings, it’s still amazing that they, once again, impressed me with all these jaw-dropping scenes and ‘adventure’ atmosphere in it. It begins with little Ed and Al, dramatic scene from the first episode, got to say, even though I saw them losing their bodies for xx times, tone of music and these dark colours make it exciting to watch every time.

The next part makes me wonder, how Ed and Al will be separated, I mean, it’s just obvious looking at these scenes, plus it already happened in 39th episode, but why won’t they be able to find each other? That reminds me of the movie, Conqueror of Shambala and the end of first serie, where the main problem was that they couldn’t see each other anymore. Apart from that, Hohenheim plays a big role in the upcoming episodes.

Main enemies are obvious though, all ‘old’ ones are put in the background while The First Homcunulus and Homunculus in Hohenheim’s cloned body are on the spotlight. Looking at their strength, I wonder what it will take to bring them down. I really like what resembles them, black hands, crazy-looking eyes and shadows.

Now moving on to the Ending, it was an ENORMOUS surprise, I haven’t seen that satisfying one for a long time, both music and scenes-wise. Well, even lyrics are damn good. Furthermore I was more than glad that full version is already out!

That whole ‘tunnel’ motive works really well with these fast parts of the music, but the most brilliant thing is the refrain, which just won’t get out of my head. For the slower parts there’s repetition of Opening’s ‘separation motive’,

Followed up by characters fast introduction, doh, they even showed sad Roy under the rain, fangirls must be going crazy, too bad it’s a picture without animation though.

First surprise here was the ‘jump in’ part, I’m pretty much sure it’s just to tell us that all the characters in here have their own goals and motivation, ready to fight to protect what’s important to them.

The very end was greatest though, turns out Ed will fight The First Homunculus and more importantly, Winry’s role isn’t limited to repairing Ed’s automail, worrying about him or simply crying because brothers leave her behind with everything – Now she decided to stand against her fear and do whatever is right. I hope she’ll do something unpredictable to show her change in heart, being useful instead of crying – maybe I will finally consider her a good character!

Now the question is, whose hands are shown in the last seconds? Probably one is Hohenheim’s…

Less mystery with every episode, I REALLY HOPE it’s not going to end soon, as it’s the only action Anime that’s far above average right now, atleast until new Code Geass comes out, don’t stop coming out, onegai.

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