Ikebukuro is a district of Tokyo full of foreigners, who come there to look for something or to change something.

That sentence pretty much draws a picture of the Anime – modern, happening in busy city with many characters to be followed. So just like that, Baccano!’s brother has the same style of story: With many characters, one big plot which is put together by someone, who in this case is ‘Dullahan’, headless rider. Other than that, the Opening is almost the same, even characters resemble each other(Between mysterious and crazy). Once again, we have all these gangs, one of them called ‘Dollars’ which read in Japanese sounds like ‘Dallas’, another reference I bet. I decided to follow that serie on my Blog as it catches a lot of attention, being one of the most liked Winter Season Anime serie. I wasn’t disappointed and surely I’d rather write about it than about Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Main Characters

As it usually is, there’s that one Main Hero who’s most the time on screen, yet many others are also very important. Can’t say I like all of them, but just like in Baccano! few are damn good and few are damn average.

Headless, black motocycle rider surely gives the serie a feeling of mystery, I liked the idea that he doesn’t speak and just types on a cellphone. Black Reaper idea is a bit cliche, but still we don’t see him all the time running around with a scythe so it’s okay. On the other hand, CAT EARS are quite disturbing… Guess it looked too normal and non-japanese without it.

Top #1 so far, eccentric, manipulative and surely cool. His actions are unpredictable and funny, I mean, look at the Cellphone stomping scene in the third episode, just lol.

Black, sushi-selling man, nothing much to tell about him, except for the fact that he’s a bad salesman. His eyes remind me of Gurren Lagann @.@

Main character, uh, he’s… Normal I guess… Yeah…

Main character’s old friend, just a one good look at him and you already know that he’s weird type. He sucks at everything we could see already – Asking girls out and telling jokes. Still, he’s much more interesting than our plain main hero who’s simply boring. Also his voice is of one of the best voice actors out there, Miyano Mamoru(Yagami Light in Death Note/Fuwa Sho in Skip beat/Death the Kid in Soul Eater etc.) whose seiyuu works PERFECTLY with the character.

Quite random friends who appear once for a while, nothing much to tell here.

Another main character who’s there and I doubt anyone cares – ‘I leave school to search for love!’, I wonder what good can come out of it.

Finally, last worth mentioning here – The Bartender, another ‘cool guy’, but also twisted and strong. We can pretty much expect supernatural powers from him, with one punch he sent a guy 20 metres away and during the flight he got undressed… WHAT? Well, he’s DRR!’s ‘Ladd Ruso‘ from Baccano!, blonde and crazy, who could kill you on the street for getting in his way.

Conflict between cool guys

The only part of plot that really interests me, as atm there’s nothing interesting going around with Dullahan, also wouldn’t expect much from the main character so here we go, fight between two, unpredictable, ‘supernatural’ guys. Well, I don’t expect the fight itself, but surely can’t wait for another meeting.


It’s surprising that we don’t see just Baccano! references but also other Anime too, for example Spice and Wolf..

Didn’t expect it, AT ALL

What… Why are you carrying it around…

Wouldn’t say they’re funny or interesting, they simply are there… For some reasons. In episode 3 there were some more, Pipiru piru angels (Dokuro-chan) and other stuff.

Officially follwing

Thereby with these 3 episodes, Durarara!! deserves being referred to on my blog, honestly – I expected a bit more humour, maybe some couple like in Baccano!, but well, I guess it’s not the same anime after all. Still, the best anime of winter next to Baka to Test.

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