MMORPG screwed up situation

Current situation with the MMORPGs is quite sad, every fan of that genre, who’s not a fanboy of WoW or L2 will tell you that. So here’s my post full of disappointment and hope, as there’s nothing to play right now – Some future titles look quite promising, while some others look completely bad even though I looked forward to them.

So… Yesterday I thought ‘Hm, MMORPG!’ and then I was sitting for a while wondering, what is there actually to play right now… Here are my conclussions:

#World of Warcraft – First title in mind, but of course, current king of MMORPGs.

Why would I play it?

Few years ago, when I played WoW for the first time on a private server, it felt like best game out there. Well-made world, awesome bosses, raids with 20-40 ppl in it… That’s why I felt like playing it for looong, even though these were just bugged, crappy private servers. When I finally started playing on retail, it turned out I got terribly bored after reaching 70 level, which took longer than desired. That’s why I stopped playing the game ever since then, I guess memorising whole game, except for the Official Server Raids part, was enough to bid a farewell. Ever since then I felt like puking whenever I heard of WoW or its soon-to-be-expanded content. Yet, I considered that possibility – why? Because it changed a lot, I haven’t tried serious raids yet and new PvP.

Why I decided not to?

Uh.. There are numerous reasons, first one would be probably ‘I’d puke 5 mins after logging in’, as it’s still the same game that I played for ages, then about raids that I always wanted to do – I’d need a good guild to let me in and to join a good guild I’d need awesome gear, which is hard to get and requieres LOTS of time to get. I’d rather go on a private server, seriously. Next thing is PvP – It’s indeed new, changed and improved, BUT, that just means I’d need to learn everything ONCE AGAIN, every single skill to know how to react to everything. Last reason is.. Money! I’d need to pay for the month, and truth is, in that time I wouldn’t enjoy it much, farming gear and learning stuff.. So… Just no.

#Guild Wars – Awesome PvP, sucky PvE, still worth it.

Why would I play it?

Reason is simple – it has the best PvP among all the MMORPGs, it’s just brilliant. Picking 8 skills when you have 200+, making an ultimate build for your items and style of playing. Guild vs Guild you can start right away, depending on your account’s achievments, you will play in a better guild or worse. I just can’t get bored of it (once for all).

Why I decided not to?

Let’s be honest – That game has no PvE. Ever since the first expansion PvE got a lot worse. Before that, everyone was focusing on the first, main continent – Which was just enough. People were finding new farming spots, running low level people throughout whole world to get them to the biggest city so they could get best armor in game on the first levels… That had something in it – It was both fun and special. Even though there wasn’t much to do, I don’t like the way that Guild Wars went – Bots and shitloads of new zones. There’s too much in there right now. Missions got more boring than ever, not to mention the plot. But well, let’s leave PvE behind – As I said, there are soo many builds avaible for you, that means you need to know skills well. That kind of knowledge you get for MONTHS and now that I stopped playing for over a year or two, I just don’t remember anything and it would be pointless to come back now. Even though I got r6 which means that I’m already above-average, I can’t prove it without proper knowledge that I lack at the moment. Still, I could play on arenas or do some PvE to get some special items in Guild Wars 2 – But let’s face it – it’s not worth the time you need to spend to do all the stuff for different races. Last reason is that I haven’t got it installed, too much hassle!

#Aion – Lineage + WoW, what could go wrong?

Why would I play it?

Jaw-dropping graphics, great fights, FLIGHT!, abyss, totally new PvPvE system.

Why I decided not to?

GRINDFEST! It’s just like goddamn Lineage 2, 1% drop rate for most important items – just hillarious. Wanna get a level? Kill thousands of average-level mobs! But of course, the best way is to grind, then Grind, then GRIND and maybe complete one or two quests on the way. To be honest, I enjoyed beta much more than actual game. At the beginning, getting wings and stuff – everything was exciting and promising, quests everywhere, no need to grind… But that was a mere illusion. After reaching ~20 level, you already run out of ALL THE QUESTS, therefore even if you kill every mob on your way to complete/get a quest, you still will have to grind atleast half of the level. That’s damn ridiculous! I played Spiritmaster and to get Summon Wind Spirit III book, I had to kill MORE THAN 1000 WOLVES ON MY LVL! On a crowded spot. Took me 2 days. Peachy. That game had such a great potential, awesome instances, groups, even soloing elites was damn fun, unless it all became one, big grindfest.

#Warhammer Online – World of Warhammer always interested me ever since I’ve played RPG-version of it. Bloody, harsh world ftw.

Why would I play it?

WAR introduced something that I found VERY interesting, even though graphics were a big disappointment – Scenarios were a way to go. You could go there ANYTIME, while doing pve or anything, joining scenario for a PvP injection. If you played a healer – There’s big chance that you can decide on the victory of your team. Usually, just by spamming aoe heals and following your team properly, you were not worse than in top 3 players of the scenario. It was both challenging and fun, also gave a lot of experience so it was totally worth it. Guess what, even items drop in there from players! (They don’t lose any, just random drops). Also, fortress battles were quite exciting in the first tiers. Commanding 20-40 players to attack that or that fortress, succeeding and getting lots of Gold Items Loot, experience and influence = Priceless. Also Public Quests were the best, the most orginal idea for open PvE teamplay ever.

Why I decided not to?

It soon gets boring, except for the first and last tiers of levels, middle ones are soo alike that I can’t endure it. Scenarios are great indeed, but some of them are damn bad. What about Public Quests? I won’t play that game just for them, doh. Even though making raids on fortresses can be fun (Being a leader mostly), but usually people tend not to listen or just the leader is damn bad. In massive fights, you can’t see whats going on unless you’re a caster DPS or a healer, who just stands behind and spams aoe. Usually there are these ‘Choke points’ where people fight for no reason, two factions just slaughter each other for hours instead of rushing fortresses, damn stupid. This game got totally ruined by middle-game and in some way by the community, who just do it wrong, while Realm vs Realm kind of battles requiere a bit of a teamwork, people who came to WAR playing WoW and L2 before, usually have no idea about and just look for a massive battles that have no meaning at all.

So what’s left? Whole bucket of free MMORPGs that I wouldn’t dare to touch. Lineage 2 is just like Aion in that matter, great but totally fucked up by grind-part. Truth is, the only thing to do now is to wait for Guild Wars 2 or for some people.. WoW:Cataclysm, also Global Agenda can be good… But they’re not out yet! So at the moment… Going to play Dragon Age. Sniff sniff.

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