Damn you Japan, for what you've done with me!

Many of you probably share that feeling… Which is hatred toward girls in Baka to Test to Shokanju and liking male characters instead. I mean seriously, whole romance, pink-hair stuff is just TERRIBLE THING! That’s what Japan taught me after my Anime experience AND IT KEEPS DOING IT EVEN NOW! Just with the exception that they’re trying to change my orientation this time.

Why would they make me hate scenes like this:

While making me laugh hard and loving scenes like this:

First I thought ‘Omg..Why… Yaoi in my best anime of the season?!

And then I was like.. ‘Wait.. It’s funny’..

Then comes Minami with bento, blushes.. AND EVERYTHING IS RUINED! Why! Why the romance! Why making me hate girls! Why Pink-Haired-Genious-Girl-Of-Doom who appears in any other romance anime serie WHYYYYYYYYY … You’ve dirtied my brain, Japan.

Not that I don’t like it anymore, just felt like raging a bit.

3 comments on “Damn you Japan, for what you've done with me!

  1. You are such a cutiepie when you are angry.

    Also, I’m terrified to admit it but it might be one of the best (if not the best) shows of this season.

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