Dropped: Loli vampire & animation fail show

Dear Anime fans,

I’d like to happily announce, that my blog won’t be tainted with the following: Ookamikakushi, Dance in the Vampire Shit Bund any longer. (Or won’t at all), as I found it either highly disturbing to see loli, naked vampires who suck blood, or fail characters in an animu filled with animation screw-scenes(Ookamikakushi), where even damn wheelchair had to be animated to make you feel you’re watching something ‘new technologish’, which actually makes it damn annoying and impossible to watch. I hope both I and you, won’t have to see either of these ever, EVER again.

Yours sincerely,

2 comments on “Dropped: Loli vampire & animation fail show

  1. Ookamikakushi – never started watching to begin with
    Vampire Bund – stopped doing a weekly follow up but might do a quick marathon after the show finishes airing.

    • Ookami – don’t even start, worst characters ever with BAD animation.

      Vampire Bund – I wouldn’t recommend that, unless you feel like watching something very average, or rather below it.

      Truth is, the only reason to follow these is to criticise how badly they were made.

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