Best of Winter – WTF Anime poll

On a Chartfag wordpress I found these… Shocking results of a pool showing the most anticipated shows of this winter:

1. Dance in the Vampire Bund654
2. Durarara!!613
3. Ookamikakushi 282
4. SoRaNoWoTo273
5. Qwaser of Stigmata266

What…The…Fuck.. Why would people (I bet monkeys didn’t vote, it looks like it though) vote on it? THAT MAKES NO SENSE… I DEMAND JUSTICE! Ookami, Dance and Qwaser should be on 101,103 and 105 NOT 1, 3, 5 !

Okay we’re doomed, we really are. Whoever voted on it, appearently likes boobs sucking fanservice anime more than a very good comedy show(BAAAKAA!), also some random (BAD) ‘dark’ show without any exciting plot or ANY GOOD CHARACTER above So-Ra-No-Wo-To which is obviously hell-and-paradise difference in both quality and …Well…Everything.

I’ve got 3 words to say: BAKA GO HOME!

2 comments on “Best of Winter – WTF Anime poll

  1. I like how this ‘top list’ starts with shit and ends with shit. Damn, it’s even shitty in the middle.

    I’ve lost all hope for humanity.

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