Fullmetal Chibi 43 – Envy’s ANOTHER true form!

Episode 43 of FMA turns out to be one of the best ones so far, full of action, surprises, but also with some great humour. Mostly it’s a continuation of the action from previous episode, just without Ed part.

So, so… Details!

Unexpectedly fast victory

The battle between Briggs and the Drachma – First I thought ‘Hey, that’s gonna be the big fight that I was waiting for since it appeared in the last two Openings!’, but then I realised there’s something more behind it and Briggs won’t simply fall in the next episode… Well, turns out I was right, but I didn’t expect them to win so easily, I thought Kimblee was really going to stand on Drachma’s side, but appearently he was going for easily-achieved bloodbath, so that Homunculi get their transmutation circle (country-wide) ready.

Chimera is a Spy!

I think everyone got fooled at this point, first Zampano tells Scar‘s location to Envy, then everyone in the village goes ‘Where’s Zampano?!’ which makes you SURE that they don’t know anything about his ‘betrayal’. Appearently not all of them were informed about the ambush Marcoh and others planned. As it turns out Zampano lured Envy into a trap!

I was ready to believe there were alchemy landmines at first, but then when they said ‘It works only on Homunculus’ I started doubting it, as it would be pretty lame for such thing to exist. It was just simple remote alchemy, or like [TMD-Raze] fansubbers like to call it – Alkahestry(What the fuck?), used by May.

‘And since I know how to make the Philosopher’s Stone, I know how to destroy it!’

Judging by last episode’s preview, I thought Marcoh was going to die with a bang. Well, there was a ‘BANG!’, but it’s the second time he escaped death’s grasp. I wonder if he makes it up to three times. Anyway, the sentence above made me skip a beat. ‘I wonder what he’s gonna do!’ and here we go, he wiped all of the Philosopher stones out of Envy’s body so he has been left in his raw form.

Envy’s true form – A parasite.

Isn’t that just cute? Just look at the scene when it stuck its mouth to the Useless-Moustache-Guy, humour mine indeed! As whoever it bites, Envy can use their bodies… Quite a bad pick for a blackmail though.

Splendid acting of other characters. ‘Uh, dude, we don’t care about him…’

…Gets our adorable envy into a jar.

Nicely done, in such a short time I started to like Envy! He’s such a cool worm after all. The most satisfying fact about the new Envy is that we won’t see his bad-looking ‘I ATE CHILDRENZ’ form.

Armstrongs reunion

I’m not really surprised that Mira isn’t too proud of her -war coward- relative. But oh my god, isn’t she just cruel?

Do not oppose military, Do not create gold, Do not create humans.

These rules of the country are just a perfect way to keep it simple and clean. ‘Do not create gold’ – so there’s no problem with the economy. ‘Do not oppose military’ – OR GO TO JAIL! ‘Do not create humans’ – so we’re the only ones who get a whole horde of these to fight you all!

Quite surprising, appearently artifical humans will be the ones to fight Briggs, probably more bloodshed needs to be done.

Whoa Al, you grew up!

Finally, Hohenheim joins the party! Didn’t expect it that soon.

Now I wonder what will happen, so many answers, time for more questions I guess! Can’t wait for another fabulous episode.

2 comments on “Fullmetal Chibi 43 – Envy’s ANOTHER true form!

  1. Marcoh is a little bit…umm overpowered ? It might be a bit too much if he can just ‘one touch’ every homunculus.
    Envy was adorable, and it was so cute when he was digesting himself.
    I’ve also liked relationship between Armstrongs.

    All in all, good episode.

    • I don’t think his touching matters when he faces the First Homcunulus aka Imba Shadows Coming Out Of The Kid To Eat Stuff.

      Envy won that episode, hope he stays in that form now. :D

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