Naruto – weekly ridiculousness that just asks to be laughed at

I just thought ‘hey, I need more shit on my blog! It got too clean after dropping Dance in the Vampire Bund and Ookamikakushi…’ so here we go, Naruto commentary posts!

Chapter 482Once More. (My own interpretation: Once More… Karin has survived! Wow.)

New Naruto chapter proudly introduced to us 3 totally Deus Ex Machina continuations of last chapter’s action, I wouldn’t be kidding if I said that it’s an enormous horseshit that Kishi decided was necessary to satisfy our curiousity. Well, nice try, bastard.

Firstly Karin. Kishi tried really hard to convince us that she had died. Well, obviously that made sense as Danzou decided to make a BANG death and kill everything close, including Karin obviously (Not to mention that she was pierced through her goddamn chest). Surprisingly, she survives, no idea how. She just lies here and… Well.. bleeds, so it’s a good time to show us part of her memories about Saskey saving her life from a bear.. Or more like Summoned Great Bear Creature Because It’s So Friggin’ Large And It Can’t Simply Be A Bear.(But who cares, there can be internet in Naruto world for all we know) Anyway, whole point of flashback is to show Saskey’s ‘SEE YA’ with a psychopatic look on his dreadful face. That’s all Karin wanted to see before her death. I’m crying.

Next bullshit in the same chapter – but of course, Naruto. Our biggest source of WTF situations and plot-killing. Meh, I guess the part when he convinces Pain that he’s doing evil and they should rescue world together was the greatest one and it won’t be easy to get even more shitty. But still, how creative of Kishi – Naruto is being watched, so how does he escape? But of course! He’s gonna just cut through the wooden floor and jump down! Not that a person sitting 2 metres away can hear it, right? I guess a lot of *cough* and *lalalala* can cover it!

Can imagine that sound? Now imagine that kunai does none! Profit!

Now that was all about dumb situations, how about stupid as hell character? Looks like recipe for that in an Anime/Manga is simple : Pink hair.

But of course, who needs friends when you can just join your ex-friend villain who wants to destroy your whole village? Well, at this point you’d think ‘To protect him!’ because friends would obviously try to defeat him, but then again, Sakura’s idea was to ‘Beat Saskey’, sooo here we go again.. Why would she go alone?

Uh-huh! Plot twist! She was going to join him all along! He just lost his healing machine so he could aswell get the new one! Good timing Sakura! …

…That just sounds wrong, so we can all expect that she’ll try to ambush him and then try her I Wub You Jutsu to convince him that he’s a bad guy and he needs to stop this madness. Well, like it worked last time…

So yeah, go and fail again. It’s not like you’re not equipped with smoke bombs and shurikens! That guy has only goddamn demon beast, chidori enchanted sword, sharingan and a few Instant Kill No Jutsus in his pocket. Good luck, may the brain cancer be with you.

Way to make me hate her even more Kishi, not to mention your way of completing things, Karin dying for the third time, just to be left for the next chapter… Great. Anyway, I think I will follow Naruto a bit here, so much to say about it after all.

2 comments on “Naruto – weekly ridiculousness that just asks to be laughed at

  1. Dear sir! I am highly dissapointed in your lack of ‘ninja sense’ ! Naruto simply backstabbed floor in it’s vital point thus the floor became dead and as we all know dead things aren’t exactly the noisiest beings out there.

    Oh and I’m sure that Sakura prepared one of those ‘don’t-use-that-jutsu no jutsu’ or she’s going to give Saskey some drugs and turn him into sex slave. Everything for love I tell ya!

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