Naruto 483 – Go go Sakura!

I guess that took her long time to figure out such a complicated assassination plot…But starting from the beginning, what happened to the team!

Ok! So, Kakashi wakes them up and Kiba is telling him where Sakura was headed right after she Smoke Bomb’d her lovely friends. It’s not hard to smell or see in a cloud of gas after all, especially sleeping one, I’m not quite sure that it has no aroma and is mostly transparent… Oh well! Kishi knows better. Important thing is that Sakura was keeping the secret about being able to make sleeping gas bombs for her future plan to assassinate Sasuke, now that’s cool, too bad she used it on the wrong guys though. Nevertheless Kakashi knows the exact location, what’s happening next?!

Sakura catches up to Sasuke! Then he goes ‘PROVE IT!’ and to do that, Sakura has to…

…kill Karin! Now that’s a challenge… Killing the immortal.


OH a plot twist in A PLOT TWIST! Sasuke wants to kill Sakura while her guard is down!

But of course, Kakashi was waiting in the bushes to jump in with the style. Other theory is that he just got there and jumped on Sasuke asap. Decide yourself which is more likely.

Sasuke lol’d! First he was like: XD and then he was like ;) and then he was like :( AND THEN like: >o<BRING BACK MY MOMMY DADDY AND BIG BRO AND OTHER GUYS!!!!!!

Such a dramatic character, changing all the way from laugh to rage in the matter of a few seconds. Is it just me who hasn’t noticed when he changed into a psychopath? I mean seriously, few chapters before I was like ‘Heh, he’s going kill the bad guys in Konoha, no biggie, he deserves some revenge’ but now ‘What the.. Why would you kill random people.. Your own healer?… Are you dumb?’.. Here’s our Saskey, almighty genious.

For the last two chapters he was barely standing, BUT BEWARE, he’s just starting! Amaterasu, Genjutsu, Lightning Bolt, Demon spirit are still to be used! Have fun with your overpowered shit.

Although I’m a bit excited about Kakashi vs Sasuke, still it’s quite lame how Sakura was a stepstone for that to happen. I mean, who would be so stupid to go alone against mighty Saskey, without any plan or even courage to fight him? Pink-haired dumb character in a shounen manga of course!

Well, they’re going to fight for a while for Naruto to get in there and stop them both, another possibility is that Sasuke will kill Kakashi, but I honestly doubt it. Anyway, I wonder if Naruto is still going to be all friendly after all that.. Probably yes, It wouldn’t be such a deep manga if he just decided to kill Sasuke, doh.

3 comments on “Naruto 483 – Go go Sakura!

  1. I came up with a decent idea to raise humor level in Naruto. It would be something like Lucky Channel but with bleeding Karin as a main heroine. I’d call it Bleeding Channel, since it seems like Karin simply refuses to die for some unknown reason and I think that she actually enjoys bleeding.

    Also Sakura as a tactical mastermind made me giggle like a teenage girl watching Twilight.

    • Good idea, she talks a lot for a bleeding-to-death person, but also dies damn long for a should-have-died-2-chapters-ago person, I think Kishi should consider it!

      Teenage girls watching Twilight also hug and bite pillows, hope you didn’t go that far.

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