Anime about Boxing isn't bad at all(?!)

When any respectable anime fan hears the magic word ‘Shounen‘, he or she think that it’s supposed to suck, or get crappy sooner or later. Now when you hear ‘Shounen about Box’ they’ll change their point of view to ‘Oh good lord that must be fucking retarded!‘. That’s what I thought… At first.

Then I noticed these surprisingly good rates, reviews and IT’S RANKED #5 ON MYANIMELIST, WHAT?! that’s when I began to consider the possibility of it being actually good, but meh, I don’t like sports, why should I care when I can just watch some show about Freaky Ninjas transforming into foxes, frogs and emo avengers. That’s when I met a fellow anime fan who just told me to try it out, so I gave it a shot and guess what? I’m addicted to it now! Hell, when I looked at the lineart for the first time I was like ‘Put me out of my misery!’, then one single episode of Gundam G made me realise that the lineart is goddamn epic and I love it now. Well, skipping the unnecessary facts – You hate sports? You think Boxing is boring? Just watch that goddamn anime and prove yourself that this shit is better than the crap airing on your TV.

The humour is fabulous, the main hero is silly but awfully strong(Oh how surprising!) but even though it’s like in every shounen, EVERY FIGHT SO FAR WAS DAMN EXCITING! That’s just unbelievable.. Before I thought ‘Okay, boxing can be boring but sidestories or characters will be probably good‘ but instead the whole Boxing thing turned out to be completely different each time Ippo steps on the ring. Heck, the fact that he got on a ring was exciting itself, if you just follow the first episodes you will know what I mean, all the ‘catch the leaves’ training and stuff, Neo feels silly now.

I’m at 16th episode now and I hope it won’t let me down like all other shounens, my point is not to make a review but to tell you all – Try it out! It’s simply amusing.

2 comments on “Anime about Boxing isn't bad at all(?!)

  1. Oh good lord that must be fucking retarded!

    Also :
    1st place – Clannad AS
    4th place – Code Geass R2 (also known as ‘bucket of drama’)
    7th place – Aria the Origination
    12th place – Death Note

    Sorry but when I look at this I really can’t take myanimelist as a decent source.
    I like to watch ‘real boxing’ every now and then but that’s it.

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