484 – Cutthroating Team 7 Re-united!

Such a teardropping chapter! All these memories, assassination attempts and tears… Aaand screwed up drawnings of Sasuke. Can’t say that one was unpredictable, but I surely didn’t expect Sakura to be so… I don’t know.. Sneaky?

First of all we get to see that scene of healing up Karinopus Bleedingus, a world-wide known specie for its ability to bleed all the time and never die.

Sorry, Sasuke did that better.

Flashbacks! The best motivator ever, in that case, motivating to.. Do nothing. It’s not like Naruto’s gonna decide to kill Sasuke, phew. Even if he says he does, when it comes to the finishing blow, he will hug him instead.

Ok, that one can be quite hard to decipher, in my own words I shall explain Sasuke’s thoughts: ‘I CRY AND THEY LAUGH, THEY JUST STAND THERE AND LAUGH SO I ANGRY AND I KILL AND THEYRE STUPID AND LAUGH NOW THAT ITACHI IS DED THEY LAUGH‘ .. That’s what I understood anyway.

Sasuke is so cute when he goes blind. But seriously, who needs sight in Naruto? You can feel the chakras!

Now THAT is some plot twist, turns out Sakura’s assassination plan wasn’t about… Simple assassinating, she decided to fake assassinating, just to get saved by Kakashi in the last second, then get off screen and jump on Sasuke again! …

..Oh wait, she’s faking it again!

Just to…

Get saved by Naruto in the last second! Wow! She’s smarter than I thought, we can expect THE REAL attempt anytime now! ..

.. OH DEAR GOD HOW STUPID CAN IT GET! Sakura trying to kill Sasuke, failing everytime and every next friend is going to jump out from the bushes in the last second to save her? No wonder Sasuke goes blind, he doesn’t know where to look anymore!

Anyway, wouldn’t expect Naruto vs Sasuke now, probably Fox-kun will just talk a bit and then Madara is gonna take Sasuke to the other dimensions so he heals up and goes for a rampage again… Sakura crying/flashback chapter is soon to come!

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