Four months have passed!

It’s been already 4 months of this blog existance, damn that was fast! I got to say, keeping this WordPress running was harder than I had imagined, but hell, it’s also more delightful!

I’m going to  share some of the statistics, they’re not all that good BUT it’s more than I actually expected! Every month I’m getting more views, which is something that I’m proud of, even though the numbers aren’t great:

Last dot is March, which begins today, that’s why it’s so low – hopefully it will get even higher than February. That 1/3rd of a year taught me a few things: What people like to see here and what to focus it on. Starting today, I’m making a Blogroll, I guess it won’t be too embarrassing to ask people to echange bloglinks anymore. So, if you want to do so, check the page ‘Blogroll’.

According to the statistics, the most popular categories are:

1. Anime(News, Statistics, Reviews)
2. Heroes of Newerth(Just because of the Betakey giveaway thingy)
3. RPG Games(Mostly Divinity II)
4. Manga(Naruto)

As you have probably noticed, I stopped playing Movie Battles 2, so all the posts/page remain, but there won’t be any news coming any time soon, unless I start playing again. Therefore, my whole focus goes now to Anime, then Manga(Only Naruto after all) and finally to RPG Games.

Finally this WordPress is taking a shape, so I’m considering giving it a proper name, which means changing the adress and copying whole thing to a new one, I will inform about it soon.

Thanks to every visitor!

3 comments on “Four months have passed!

  1. Your stat is pretty good for a four month old blog, actually. I somewhat doubt that changing your blog address this soon will have negative effect your stat and regular visitors.

    Anyway, congratulations! and I’ll add you into my blogroll very soon.

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