Darker Channel – Sasuke pose

Third post of the serie focuses on Naruto Manga, in detail – Sasuke’s pose at the end of chapter 484, which started a new kind of meme, so let’s see what’s there to laugh at…

Starting off with the orginal cut from the manga:

Doesn’t he look awesome? Oh sure he does, now let’s see what can be done with it…

Oh… Right, Sasuke-O-Clock.

That’s not enough, MORE!

Well, that’s weak, I’m sure you can do better Saskey!

Kk lol.

Ok, at this point I laughed my lungs out. MADA MADA!


And that’s the last one, I’d call it Huntington no Jutsu.

Even though this ‘Meme’ is kind of simple, short and resembles a lot of others, it’s still damn funny how Kishi screwed up his favourite(He doesn’t say it loudly though!) character. Keep it up Kishi, /a/ is always waiting for your failures, to turn it into something funny.

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