Baka to Test: Things getting weirder!

Along with a new character in the Episode 09 of Baka to Test to Shokanju new kind of… Sexual wrongness approaches – but of course, Incest. As it turns out, Yoshii has older sister, who REALLY loves him.

I love you… As a woman

But that’s not all, as there’s another progress in Yaoi fanservice and straight sexuality hatred well-known in the serie, let’s take a look. (Spoilers ahead!)

Forgot the rules? Batsu-game~!’

Even though we didn’t get any direct sister-rapes-brother scenes, it’s quite disturbing that she even thinks about kissing him with a blush, WHAT THE HELL WOMAN!

So you DO have a porn magazine!

Priceless face.

Couldn’t stop laughing about that misunderstanding, caused by mail that Akihisa sent to Yuuji when Shouko was reading his mailbox.

I can’t .. go back home tonight.. Can I .. Stay over at your place?’

Perfect coincidence humour scene, Shouko who suspected affair just because of massive spam of messages from Yoshii, and she  gets to see something like that.. Enjoy your prey.

Massive disappointment.

Uh, rumours travel fast they say… Especially if you’re growing your own two-genres harem.

Akihisa learning scene <3

Oh please, give her a machete,  then she will finally become a Higurashi character.

Himeji + Funny scenes? Wow, I thought it was limited to bad cooking, but her power of denial made me laugh mercilessly.

It’s not that, It’s a… Fish cake!’ – Quote of the episode.

Coming back to old, good ‘HIMEJI FOOD’ scene. Classic.

Summing up – another tear-dropping episode. New character is quite disturbing, but surely hawt!

I guess such crazy sexuality disorders are a key to make this serie look special and interesting, especially that nowadays there are more than enough harems, but noone so far was atleast funny, not to mention reaching level of Baka to Test.

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