All shounens are the same piece of crap

OH FOR GOD’S SAKE! I just felt like I was watching a cute puppy/kitten growing up and the very few days later seeing it die of cancer. That’s exactly how watching Hajime no Ippo felt for me, now it’s just poking its body with a stick over and over.

What went wrong? Well, first reason is that it’s a SHOUNEN, the most screwed-up genre in the Anime industry(I bet there are some Yaoi/Yuri/Shounen-Ai shows that don’t get more shitty the further it goes). Well, as you may or may not know, Shounens have few things in common:

– Main Hero is either retarded, moronic or simple kind of guy who just wants to save the world.
– Main Hero has amazing talents that help him to fight and get better all the time!
– MAAANY episodes
– Long plot with many twists
– Gets worse with every next episode

Now let’s see that pattern in Ippo:

– Ippo is dumb, but that makes it quite exciting when he enters the ring, you feel like cheering him up as he’s so defenseless.
– Talent for boxing, superior power but nothing more.
– About 100 episodes. (Both series)
– Getting worse all the time after the first arc

Now what happens in the episodes between 30 and 57?(I’m currently here)

– Ippo is STILL dumb, and that makes you think that he’s just gonna turtle next match just like the one before, getting hit over and over and then getting lucky hit.
– Still powering up between matches(Or like they call it in anime – Level up), hell, his power never goes down even when he gets hit many, MANY times.
– Fight in a ring became something so boring and so far from reality that it’s not even fun to watch anymore – Ippo taking 50 clean hits just to remind himself that he wants to win it so badly that he stands anyway. Guess what? He still has all the power in his fists.

It was so perfect, every match in Featherweight league was interesting, surprising, but now it’s just exchange of XXXX hits between immortals. (Especially Champion vs Ippo fight) Till now I was cheering for Ippo, feeling that he should win, because he’s main hero of the story and I got used to him, but RIGHT NOW I feel like killing him. Twice.

Oh and fillers, right. There were 2 episodes already all about reminding who won last matches… That’s still okay as I can skip it, but seeing how Ippo gets up mumbling some stuff under his nose like ‘Must… try’ and then ‘My punch doesn’t work!’ and then getting beaten AGAIN, but getting up this time unconciously and fighting even without realising it just kills me. It was so awesome till now, but at the moment I simply dislike main hero, that’s just annoying. The worst thing is that I really loved the show and now it became so crappy that I barely have strength to continue watching it. Of course, I realise that there can be some turning point and it can be all sweet again, but I won’t forget that shitty part which made me want to kill puppies… Or a whole dozen of them.

So my final words: Fuck you Shounen recording studios, I HATE YOU!

/runs out of the room crying

Edit: Okay, that post was kind of sudden, couldn’t stop myself from raging, but I’d like you to know – That Hajime no Ippo is still one of best Shounens out there, and even though it got way worse than it was at the beginning, it’s still worth watching. Hopefully season 2 will get better though <_<

2 comments on “All shounens are the same piece of crap

  1. I’m quite surprised that you didn’t see that coming. It’s a common thing
    that main hero dies (at least) twice in a single fight and still manages to win it.

    ps. I can’t comprehend why Goku and Luffy are hanging out with those losers.

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