Busy with american TV Shows

Lately I’ve been quite busy completing Dollhouse(I’ll miss watching Eliza Dushku :( ) and now trying to catch up to the latest episode of ‘FlashForward‘, an american tv show which got my attention with quite a satisfying storeline, for people who don’t have an idea about it…

It’s a show in which the world had a blackout for 2 minutes and 17 seconds(Poor you if you were on airplane or in the sea). Everyone just suddenly lost conciousness and had a dream – a glimpse of future as it turns out, happening on the exactly same day which is 6 months later.  20 millions of people had died and as the story progresses  many mysterious phenomenons seem to be connected to it(Including animals dying and appearing out of nowhere). Mark, an FBI agent saw a vision in which he was solving the mystery behind the blackout, looking at the board with many hints, information leading to the cause, he was about to figure it out and that’s when armed, masked men rushed in the office to kill him, and as real as it was – He is now trying to find out what he had already  found out.. In the future, getting one hint to get to another, the board is slowly filling as it was in the vision. Obviously there are lots of motives behind this serie, as every person on the earth had the vision, for some it’s hope, for some it’s a sign of end(Lack of it is considered death before the day of visions). Some people want to believe it’s going to happen exactly as they saw, while others strive to escape the fate they’ve been given. But again, the main question comes: What caused it and is it going to happen again? Is flash-forward(the vision) accurate? Or only for some people?…

Although I’ve already have two women I’d like dead in there, I must say it’s quite a compelling cloak-and-dagger story, only that I’ve watched only 8 episodes out of 10 avaible, it already gave me quite a thought, considering several possibilities and some tries to solve riddles before they get explained in the show. Sometimes we can’t guess, but some of them can be figured out, and some even I did! Too bad I still didn’t get a proper theory for a Kangaroo jumping inside LA on the day of the blackout, cause as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one wondering about it – Actually storywriters announced that it’s actually important to one of the motives! I knew that Kangaroo jumping for almost 10sec on screen wasn’t a coincidence! Just check out these theories, remarkable! Well, there’ll be 14 episodes in total of the first serie, and I’m quite damn sure it won’t end so early.

So, if you look for a mystery, drama, cataclysm kind of action show – I suggest you check that one out.

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