Working! – First spring Anime to drop?

First avaible Anime that I intended to try out this spring, and well… I’m disappointed. It’s a comedy about a family restaurant and its employees. Uhm, I mean, SERIOUSLY BORING EMPLOYEES. There’s nothing really cool about any of them, they’re all just nice and fluffy, except that one of the girls is wearing a katana for some reason. (Thought it’d be interesting motive, oh shame on me) And there’s that cute highschool girl who everyone mistakes for a midschooler, she manages to recruit a new guy – some random lolicon with glasses, whose thoughts we’re tormented to hear…

Yeeeh.. That’s using the ‘guy meets girl with katana’ scene to its full potential…

It’s not really bad, except that all characters excluding shop’s  assistant manager are hopeless and that comedy is really transparent, it’s still quite easy to watch and..Average. Does it make it good? Hell no, but that gives it a chance of people trying to continue it expecting some miraculous awakening of a comedy in it.

I’m cute! Therefore please continue to watch this show desu~!

Actually, there were maybe two things that felt funny, but after all these failed comedy-attempts I think I didn’t seem to care that much. It’s just damn silly to make anime flagged as ‘comedy’ about something so simple like a restaurant without any good idea how to make it actually worth to watch.

…Why are you guys even talking, noone is even going to remember your names!

Music isn’t too good, characters are simple and even look familiar to some of the other series, while it doesn’t make you laugh either.. Way to go, really.

Too bad, you can’t save this show alone, Assistant Manager.

Now the question is – Shall I continue it? I guess not, but checking the screenshots of next episodes out of boredom might actually make me try to, but at the moment, I seriously don’t want to.

One comment on “Working! – First spring Anime to drop?

  1. Unfunny comedy with a cast of boring/annoying characters and once again main hero who gives you oh-crap-I-saw-this-guy-in-dozens-of-other-series
    I’d really like to see that loli girl dying in horribly terrifying scene. Yes, that would be great.

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