Naruto Chapter 486 – Fists!

As the action reached some kind of climax when Naruto and Sasuke met in the last chapter(I decided there’s nothing to say about that one) now it’s time for Naruto to explain his goal… Through fists. Because obviously, when Chidori meets Rasengan you go into that funny whiteness to talk about stuff…

Boom goes the ‘Clash!’, Kakashi catches Naruto while Zetsu… Well, he simply grows on Sasuke’s back. Perhaps Sasuke got used to it, with that whole Cursed Seal form and big ugly hands on his back.. Oh joy. What else is gonna sprout there..?

Surprise! Madara appears to take Sasuke away! Noone expected it. But what’s all that ‘Madara sits in a cave and mumbles bullshit’ for? Building the atmosphere to his smart plan of making Moon his eye? Now that’s interesting thing he didn’t foresee – THE EARTH MOVES YOU MORON! You can’t see the whole thing at once! Kishi wasn’t a cool kid wishing to be an astronaut appearently.

As if Kakashi had ever done anything outstanding.. I mean taking Deidara‘s hand is one thing, but beating the biggest badass of Naruto history is KINDA OFF HIS HOOK. Not to mention that he’d problems with Zabuza. But hey, Tobi promises some entertainment for Kyuubi vs Sasuke fight! I wonder what it is.. My guess:

Go for it!

Madara: Go check on Kisame, I think he’s wounded
Zetsu: You were right, it’s a big wound.
Madara: How serious?
Zetsu: He got beheaded.
Madara: So what, isn’t he a fish?
Zetsu: Fishes don’t grow heads sir.
Madara: They don’t.. ? But I’m quite sure Kisame shouldn’t die just yet..
Zetsu: Uh.. Point taken.
Madara: All hail Kishimoto!

^ Is what I’d expect out of it. That scene deserves a comic!

Oh wait, Naruto is going to say something to Sasuke! What is it? Is he gonna tell him that he’s gonna protect the village and kill him? Threaten? Intimidate? Persuade?…

Oh… Really?.. You got to be kidding me, suddenly Naruto goes all ‘sage’ ? Atleast he didn’t precise the time and place.. That would be quite disturbing. (Like: Sasuke! We gonna die together.. IN SEVEN DAYS!) That reminds me of some parody:


After all that ‘Sasuke is a friggin’ genious!’ and Naruto going ‘Let’s be BFFs!’ he still has to ask these stupid questions. So here comes the ice breaker that Sasuke gonna remember forever and think about it every night..

OH didn’t expect that did you? I guess you didn’t!

Now now, no need to get angry.. You’re such a lame badass Sasuke, get private lessons from Aizen and see how it’s done.

You want it..You knooow you want it, Of course you want it, you little evil boy!

Time to prepare for a boring chapter I guess.

2 comments on “Naruto Chapter 486 – Fists!

  1. And here we go, Naruto is pulling friend-card out of his ass again.
    Nothing we can do now, Sasuke is destined to ride on the unicorns under the rainbow for the rest of his life.

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