Picked up Outlaw Star

I’ve been trying out some older anime lately, and so I decided to finally watch Outlaw Star. It has quite a good rating, plus it’s made by Sunrise. Not to mention that I’m into space pirates ever since I watched Firefly(Burn in hell FOX!).

Well, at the moment I’m halfway through it and I can honestly say – It’s good. I damn wish I saw that one earlier, as I would like it much, much more if I didn’t go through all kind of better series like Cowboy Bebop, which is quite familiar. Shouldn’t be whining though, with all these latest anime, Outlaw Star shines like never. Especially the Opening which I remember all the way from my childhood (There was that magazine releasing cds with random openings), It’s goddamn fabulous. ‘Through The Night’ check it out, for me it was enough to try watching it.

Well, about details: Comedy is nice, characters orginal(Especially I like Giliam, ship’s computer with quite a cool personality), lineart isn’t anything impressive nowadays but surely doesn’t disturb either. Plot is the only letdown here, it’s quite simple… There are some bad guys pirates who try to get back the ship of main hero, while others crew members were going to kill him but they joined him instead to fight pirates. Must say, Outlaw Star’s universe seems to be much bigger than the anime shows. Either way, it’s slightly above average show that I recommend you to see, even though I haven’t watched it whole myself yet.

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