Shakugan no Shana S – Two episodes out

The OAV presenting side-stories of the best Comedy-Romance-Action-Fantasy-Superpower-School Anime I ever saw, finally reached half of the episodes. That would really hurt to wait so long for every episode, but since it is about something different everytime – I can wait. Too bad it’s a bit worse with Darker than Black OAV which is so action-driven that waiting for every next episode which isn’t coming out for months can simply kill the interest.

Either way, coming back to Shakugan no Shana S

The first episode was completely comedyish. Got me laughing all over it, which left quite a good impression which lead to immediate download of the second episode. That was one awesome idea to switch Shana’s and Yuuji’s bodies. While in the second one, we get to see more of a ‘Feelings~!’ side of the Anime. Meaning, Shana doing something in secret while Carmel-san is worrying and stalking her with the help of Yuuji. The thing I like about these..  Simple side-plots that they have quite well-thought endings, which explain some minor stuff about characters. It’s quite a good idea for third season’s prologue, still makes me wonder what kind of action plot twists will we get to see when it finally comes out.

Oh and there’s that Little Shana in the Opening, I wonder what’s all that about. Damn, that reminded me – Shana is cutest Anime character out there!

Now all that’s left is to wait for another 2 relaxing episodes, hopefully funny ones!

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