Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Dropped!)

The second serie I planned to check out this spring hit me with unusually high number of typical scenes and motives(Actually, that makes it orginal from one perspective, lol).

The characters are simple, a tsundere girl, who’s school student council’s head and a popular guy who makes all girls around go ‘KAKKOI! ^O^!’ – I’d be amazed if it was the first Anime I ever watched.

The comedy is quite wide, most of it is annoyingly common, while the rest is all about silly characters/poverty jokes. Although I didn’t find anything that would make me laugh, it wasn’t really bad either, actually way above Working!, which was a huge disappointment.

The plot is ridiculously stupid. Misaki(girl) is poor, so she has to work at the Maids Caffee. Of course it’s so embarrassing that noone at school knows / should know. Totally accidentally, Usui(guy) meets her in the Maid suit and since then follows her showing obvious interest. Misaki (Oh you don’t expect that!) thinks that he actually MAKES FUN OF HER and that’s why he FOLLOWS HER ALONE AND STARES AT HER 24/7. I lol’d at the scene when she went as far as ‘checking all the magazines of her classmates for inproper material’ which was appearently heroic act and awfully hard task, as she catches cold, falls and guess what, the guy catches her!

Then Finally it gets to the part when some random guys from school meet her at work. Normally she would beat the crap out of them (Seriously.. Tsundere power) but she was overworked and couldn’t resist when they were making photos to show it in school. That’s when our KAAAKKOOOI!!!! main hero comes in and since he’s hot, the guys get scared and run away(???). She blushes and hooray, relationship changes to: Hidden Love~.

It’s seriously disappointing level of show, everything is typical, plus music is bad. (Only Ending is good) I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else than a girl who’s into romance and huge mix of various comedy scenes that sometimes can be fun to watch. Either way, as there’s no other comedy show I’m following right now, I’ll try another episode, but the Hammer of Drop is hanging above.

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