Angel Beats!(Definitely Following)

I just watched the first episode and I’m extremely impressed. Trailer was really good, but that episode was simply perfect. It was completely opposite to Working! or Kaichou wa Maid-sama! which started really poorly, here we got something really well-done and sweet. How so?

Everything starts in the afterlife, when main hero wakes up with amnesia, he notices a girl in school uniform pointing sniper rifle at something. As they talk, he’s introduced to life-after-death world, where people can’t die. It’s filled with ‘NPCs’ who are programmed to act like humans. The girl calls herself a student council president and so called ‘Like-Hell-I’m-Dead-Battlefront’ organisation member. They struggle against ‘Angel’ to avoid getting erased from the world they’re in. For further details – Watch it, first episode itself was fun to watch so I wouldn’t like to spoil anything.

The Angel is a cute girl with supernatural powers. She’s acting like she was told to, which means lack of free will. Must say, this whole lethal-kid concept reminds me of Elfen Lied, just that in this case it lacks a bit of horror and whole gore :)

Main heroine reminds me of Haruhi, just with the difference that I hated Haruhi and she’s just awesome. Funny, determined, combative. Main hero on the other hand is quite normal, but not stupid nor annoying in any way. Apart from them, all of the others members of the organisation are also introduced. They all look eccentric and unique – Completely opposite to Kaichou wa Maid-sama! with all plain characters. Here all of them have some special feature, kind of like in Durarara!

In short? Fucking epic. Graphics remind me of Shakugan no Shana, just much more detailed, brighter and with more glow. You can’t take your sight away from it, everything looks so shiny and cute. While music isn’t another ‘Boring melodies being repeated over and over’ but actually are more complex, perceptible and sweet to hear. Animation? Well, if Naruto or Bleach had something even close to it, I’d be probably watching it right now. It’s so smooth and incredible. Both comedy and action scenes look just perfect, I don’t remember when was the last time I went so emotional after watching only one episode of an Anime. In the first episode we get to see a concert which was the best Anime-one I ever saw! Haruhi’s ‘God Knows’ or any K-On! one just feel embarrassed right now.

Overall, it’s gonna be freaking amazing! I can feel it, with Clannad behind, we can expect some good drama, comedy and we already saw some good action in the first episode! After seeing it, I’m completely positive it cannot fail. Simply have to wait for another one of – what I expect it to be – the best show of this Spring.

2 comments on “Angel Beats!(Definitely Following)

  1. Right, that concert was spectacular. That insert song was catchy as all hell.
    So far I’m seeing a very wide dichotomy between those that liked it and those that hated it – which is very interesting to watch; whether or not one likes it or not, I think we can all agree it’s a series that spices up the season’s front, for better or for worse.
    I just found it a little humorous how well you managed to summarize an already very compact summary of the plot and characters with your images ^^; I suppose, besides the rather convoluted premise, everything else about Angel Beats isn’t exactly brimming with depth.

    I see you caught a screencap of Angel stabbing Otonashi as well – that was a damn quick cap to take, if I ever say.

    • Hello there.

      I can’t really find anything against it. I mean, the whole idea of girls with guns and school uniforms sounded cliche, but when I actually watched it, it’s nothing close to any anime with these aspects.

      Looking at the Producers, I suppose we will have to wait for anything ‘deep’. But with the experience of Air, Clannad I suppose we will get some good drama.

      I had to go frame-after-frame to catch that one, no godlike reflexes I’m afraid :)

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