Aw BONES, I expected something better than an Anime for kids with so common motives like ‘A kid wants a toy, but the toy is too expensive for the kid, so he/she finds it in the trash, then it comes to life and becomes his/her best friend!’. Seriously? And I expected only name to be lame, but that whole Anime is just a basic setup with a boring kid with female seiyuu, barbie robot transformating into something big thanks to a lightning that hit it all of sudden, plus some random aliens and whatnot attacking the Earth and protagonist’s friend. Not to mention ‘HEROMAAAN, ATTAAACK!’ –  If that’s a catchy&cool ‘in-combat’ phrase for you, then I’m afraid kids will rather watch whole Dragon Ball again rather than touch this shit.

Nothing much to say, do not touch it.

2 comments on “Heroman(Dropped!)

  1. Well, I wouldn’t condemn it for that much – The Western tones are heavy in this one, and I think they were trying to make it a throwback to children’s cartoons and comics, which does make it really charming, imho. It doesn’t make a drop of sense, just like the pop culture of that western age. Heroman is brought to life by a lightning bolt due to a window that was accidentally left open; sounds like a device taken right out of the Golden Age of comics.

    • Well, it’s not only the plot that annoys me, but also the whole concept of lame, boring characters and lack of creativity. It’s so typical for Anime to show a fight between good and evil but seriously, lately, when they get to that topic after thousands of other examples, a slightest bit of creativity wouldn’t hurt. Aliens…? Jesus Christ..

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