Arakawa Under the Bridge (Definitely Following)

Next to Angel Beats! I found another serie that I’m looking forward to. I’ve been amused by the whole bullshit surrounding well-designed main character, who just keeps snapping and freaking out about everything, at the same time being incapable of ignoring it.

So what is it about?

The protagonist is a rich guy called Kou, who accomplishes everything by himself and never asks for any kind of help as his family motto says: Never be indebted to anyone. That’s the rule he’s been keeping for his whole life. Things get complicated when he gets attacked by teenagers and gets his trousers put on an iron pole of the bridge.

As tries to get them down, he explains to an unknown girl(Nino) who’s fishing on the bridge, why he won’t ask for her help. He hadn’t noticed that the pole was under construction though, and he falls together with it into the water. Being inevitably pulled down, the girl saves him.

Didn’t take him long to realise that he’s now indebted to someone for saving his life, and that’s when his whole future fell on his head as he figured that everything he’s going to do from this point onwards will be thanks to that woman.

Following the rule, he tries to get rid of debt. As he notices that the girl lives under the bridge, he’s confident that she wishes to get a house.

… But of course she denies it and in reply to his continuous begging Nino finally tells him what she wishes for…

…She tells him to fall in love with her. As he’s going through a brainrape he finally gets to the point that he simply can’t give up the motto, and agrees to become her lover who will live together with her under the bridge. Sounds boring? Well, after few minutes of watching you realise that the plot doesn’t mean shit and it’s all for the comedy.

Chief of the place is a goddamn funny character!

The most important thing in the episode was obviously the comedy. Awesomely splendid in this matter, as it made me laugh a lot!  There’s messing with the scenes, time-cutting, sudden jumps on characters’ faces and that kind of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei stuff.That whole ridiculousness surrounding eccentric characters, is something that Bakemonogatari lacked for me. Some stuff is random, but on a bigger scale everything makes sense – Kou can’t leave as he’s bound to the rule of his life, while Nino probably feels lonely living under the bridge. It’s a nice change that she is actually emotionless and completely mysterious, instead of being another tsundere type seen in every second comedy serie. Kou himself is intelligent and that’s why he tries to analyse everything around him while being unable to as he finds himself in completely strange environment.

I liked how it was free of all these common comedy parts when characters become insanely huge and scary-looking while shouting and stuff like that, here it’s all about facial expressions which makes it something charming and fresh. Exaggerated [KRAFT] subtitles made it even more interesting. (Just like [gg] in Baka to Test).

Therefore I have big hopes in that serie, as for now it gave me damn good time with awesome first episode.

2 comments on “Arakawa Under the Bridge (Definitely Following)

  1. Yes, it’s those liberal subtitles again… They don’t seem to stand well with some, but it adds to the experience, in my opinion.

    Arakawa was damn hilarious, mm. Sometimes, anime just has to be like this – entertaining. Doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. No brain crunching philosophy, convoluted plotlines, or excessive innuendo. Arakawa returns to the basics, and delivers.
    And then there’s the Shaft style :p

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