K-On! Season 2 (Definitely Following)

Finally(or rather already) we get to see the second season of K-On!, some of you are probably excited that we’ll get to see more cuteness, moeness and music packed elegantly in one, solid school comedy. I said solid, because it’s undoubtedly on the top of this genre at the moment, yet I can’t say anything like ‘Masterpiece’ as opinions about it vary a lot. Most of people will be happy to see Mio or Azusa, while others just enjoy seeing that girls band doing silly stuff…

Can’t really say that I was waiting for the plot continuation or characters development.. All I wanted was more Mio and comedy, which is decent but can actually surprise. The first episode was surely less than I expected, the Opening was a weak version of the one from the first season, while Ending was also worse, but at this point orginal and I really like it: catchy and lots of scenes with Mio.

Also, we get this ‘amazing’ plot twist – All girls are in the same class, because as it turns out, Sawa-chan is their homeroom teacher. (/happymio) Except for that, there’s nothing really interesting going on, just slices of life stuff, looking for new members, some completely cut-off concert, so basically it felt like ‘another season 1 episode just with fresh graphics’.

And there’s a cake. A lot of cake. I can’t imagine K-On! without cake spam. Guess there’s no ‘Moe’ if there’s no cake around at some point. Especially strawberry one, in which Mio sits and tastes it, like in the Ending. Yummy.

Mae ni Susume!


And fusion!

You wanted Moe? So we put Moe in your Moe so you have two Moes!

*Nosebleed*…O q O

I just couldn’t skip Mio in any of these pictures, she looks so damn gorgerous… Hot… *Cough* Okay, it surely was disappointing first episode, but still it’s all K-On! can actually give – Much more Mio and some funny comedy moments (very few in that case). I’m surely not gonna stop watching it, but I surely expect it to get more interesting, and no, not Maid suits.

2 comments on “K-On! Season 2 (Definitely Following)

  1. For some reason, Sawako sensei is the one I’m most anticipating. She’s just so funny. And for some crazy reason, I’m watching this show despite my poor reaction to the first one…

    • Well, I liked Sawako when she was going nuts, now that she’s all normal, and the only crazy thing she did was encouraging girls to put on Maid suits – I’d say I’m not the fan.

      Yeah, there’s not much to enjoy, especially when you’re not watching it for Mio like me. O q O

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