The Terror approaching K-On! fans

Manga spoiler ahead!

According to THIS SOURCE, Ritsu is going to get a boyfriend.(For all we know – she could already have one!) – That created quite a shock, especially on /a/ 4chan board, where whole K-On! fan community was angrily imagining that Ritsu could be no longer the same, moe character. Meaning – Maybe she’s not a virgin anymore! Oh Christ, it’s K-On! damn it, it’s not supposed to end like this! These girls are symbols of purity and top rate wallpaper material, not to be taken by someone!.. Either way, if you hear people saying that Ritsu is a slut, now you know why.

Quite shocking news(next to my president and big part of the polish government dying the same morning in a plane crash). As if romance in Anime/Manga ever got more serious… lol.

2 comments on “The Terror approaching K-On! fans

  1. Ristu doesn’t actually have a boyfriend. If you continue on to the next page of the manga excerpt then Ritsu will say she doesn’t really have a boyfriend and she was just putting on an act.

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