Darker Channel – What’s in the damn Box?!

New meme on the horizon! Kishimoto once again draws something so mysterious that it just simply can’t avoid being meme’d. What this time? In chapter 490 of Naruto, Kabuto asks Madara to join forces in exchange for his snakeboy Sasuke. In case Madara would refuse, Kabuto shows him a box with a dead person inside, to what Madara replies ‘You madman… How did you do this?!’, and we don’t get to see who it is. As you can imagine, meme was inevitable. So let’s see what we got here…

Starting with an awesome Fullmetal Alchemist reference

But hey, could be a Pokemon! They die a lot after all.


Leonidas obviously…

And finally, my favourite… JUST AS PLANNED! (Combination of two memes actually, Aizen’s ‘Just as Planned’ meme I’ll post soon)

There’s even a comic made by Marise567, damn, that was one clever point. Made me laugh like no other parody.

Now some demotivators!

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