Darker Channel – Just as planned!

This time meme based on Bleach Manga and main villain – Aizen. In one of the latest chapters THAT happens, and is followed by THAT, and finally when Shinji asks Aizen how long they’ve been under the illusion he responds: ‘The question is…

Whole bunch of funny parodies started appearing right away, they feature all kind of Aizen-illusion jokes but also Old-man from Gotei 13 and his punch attack parodies. The Villain himself became some sort of all-manga immortal, badass character whose death is everytime a mere illusion. Let’s see what we got here…


Aizen & Gotei 13 Captain



Aizen in Naruto




Just as planned!

1. Read (L-R)

2.Read (L-R)

3. (Read L-R)

Last three are simply fabulous… Damn that Aizen, it all was planned! His own matrix in Manga.Wow…

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