Rainbow(Definitely Following)

Dark, deep Anime sounds like a good idea sometimes, especially when there is a whole bunch of comedy series coming out, which can get rid of all these negative feelings accompanying these shows. That kind of Anime is Rainbow: a serie about 7 teenagers who have to go through hell of being captive, humilitated and hurt. There’s not much to say about the plot, as it’s still a mystery and it’s quite obvious that the focus is going to be especially on the main characters of the story, their relations and feelings. It’s not a serie that you can’t wait to watch, but more like it’s a show that you dip into the moment the episode starts.

So far in the first episode I already want three people to die, like seriously.. In Anime like this I always feel like slicing someone’s throat, as they show whole bucket of different personalities, including these typical and annoying ones…

First on my ‘Eliminate list’ is that bastard:

He’s the merciless moron who keeps beating the crap out of people because he can. Simply a badass with most likely sad past or few diagnosed mental diseases. Hopefully he dies.

Next is the goddamn gnome with spots on his head. Oh you won’t guess, he’s the stealer-ninja type! How unusual. Especially that he looks like he would grow into Mickey Mouse in the future. I guess they had to add him next to the big guy to make it more balanced or something. Well, the worst thing is – He has seiyuu of a woman who is also giving her voice to Edward Elric.. OH PLEASE… RUINING THE ATMOSPHERE MUCH?

And finally, the ‘G-G-G-G-G-GOMENASAI’ , ‘A-A-ARIGATOU’ stutter guy. Like why would they put some terrified ‘Please spare me, I’m kind and I like ponies’ guy in there.. I get it that there should be some total weakling to make everything more dramatic, but honestly, he’s just a terrible choice. Probably his whole existence is just to show how these events can change people. God I hope he changes.

Other characters I have nothing against. Especially cool is the guy who’s referred to as a Bro – he’s an example of a teenager who’s actually mature and a material for a leader, if he appeared in a comedy all girls in the show would go ‘KAAKKKOOOIII’ like in a damn shoujo.

Graphics are nice and all good, music was quite unnoticeable though. Now about Opening…

It felt a bit like second opening of Death Note, as we don’t get to listen to such heavy tracks too often. Music was fine, but the scenes looked as if it was fanmade.. It’s not bad but not that awesome either, but since it has some deeper meaning I’d say it’s slightly above average.

While the Ending was a total disappointment, really nothing good. Didn’t like music or ‘scenes’. I kinda hate lazy endings like that, unless they have a really good tracks.

Since I like the whole idea, plus it’s been a while since I saw dark-atmosphere show, I’m definitely going to continue it.

4 comments on “Rainbow(Definitely Following)

  1. I planned that this season, I’ll follow only 4-5 titles. Right now all the slots are filled: K-ON!!, Arakawa, Night Raid, Angel Beats and Heroman. This one also looks interesting and now I am in a tight spot x_x

  2. Well, I’m not going to shout that it’s fucking amazing just because it’s different from all this moe-crap. Actually I’m not really sure if I liked it or if didn’t.
    There were few scenes that were too dramatic and seemed rather funny because of this.

    Guess that I’ll stick around for time being.

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