And WoW once again…

^And there should be nothing else in that game!

Although I said in my last MMORPG post that WoW is off-limits because of subscription fee, leveling and the whole boredom I feel after years of playing it, I found it to be the only choice to fill gaps in my evening free time. But I’m surely not talking about going against what I said earlier – I still feel like puking when I see retail WoW, because of leveling, TBC and WotLK content: It’s just that I found another solution.. A private server of some kind.

What made me reconsider playing it? Instant level 60 Pre-TBC pure, classic WoW with scripted instances. A raiding server with Onyxia, Blackwing Lair and Molten Core is all I still would like to do in this game. Skipping whole leveling, professions and subscription fee decided that I’m playing now on

So far I’ve done some Scholomance(Jesus it’s boring, all these trashes), BRD(On level 60 it’s a pie), UBRS(Semi-boring) and finally Zul’Gurub(Awesome!) and last night Molten Core(Awesomely awesome!). Even though the last one took me 4 hours because of wipes, it gave me lots of fun time fighting against huge, scripted bosses. I’m sure that when I get to some proper raiding guild it won’t take so long to clear it(..Or bigger half like in our case). And obviously, there’s still Blackwing Lair, Onyxia that I have to try out! (AQ will come later, it’s closed atm).

Even though it’s all shiny when you first enter it, there are actually some serious disadvantages here…

– The server has only about 200 players, and the community is both European and US so it’s hard to organise PUGs
– It’s hard to find a raiding guild, some of them are quite serious about it and you need to leave applications on their sites(Like Red Dragon Syndicate in Alliance)
– Some people came here for PvP so they have no idea about raids and can usually screw up, that’s why you can expect all kinds of noobs in your PUGs or new guild.
– Not much PvP going on

But finally there are some good sides:

+ Lack of serious bugs
+ Instant 60 + Dungeon 1 set, so you don’t have to go on low lvl instances
+ X-faction raiding (You can have horde in your group, you can’t kill each other unless they/you leave the party)
+ Helpful GMs
+ Very nicely scripted Raid Bosses, even addons that forecast their attacks work correctly
+ No need to stay online for whole day, just log in once in the Evening and check if your guild or some random PUG is forming a raid.

Therefore as you can see it’s worth trying, especially that as I said in the last MMORPG post – There’s nothing else to play really.

11 comments on “And WoW once again…

  1. That’s curious; not that I know anything about WoW, but the majority of private servers I’ve heard of were PvP orientated.
    I myself am for PvE – haven’t that MMO touch needed to compete with people >.>
    But yeah, private servers are the way to go for WoW. For anything, really. Not just for avoiding hefty subscription fees, but because the number of dislikable individuals in any community increases exponentially as it becomes more popular, it seems.

    • Nah, in my years of experience with private WoW servers, usually there is both PvP and PvE. Pure PvP isn’t that popular as it’s boring like hell.

      Except for the paying issue, I like private servers because of ratings, I never go on ‘blizzlike’ which is 1x everything, if I play with bugs and much less players than on the offical I expect something like 2x drop and 3x exp, or instant level for that matter.

      Btw. Just added your blog to my Blogroll :)

  2. Lol this is really cool! I loved raiding old 60 level content I used to raid in a alliance guild back when aq40 came out and got to kill Cthun for the first time one the server so exciting!. I played on private server before always fun messing around with the armor and gear, cool how you have Horde and Alliance able to raid together I wish you really could do this in live servers for people who have alts that are horde and for people like me who have well geared characters saving us some money on xfers.

    • I know right!

      But the current server population makes it hard to get into some raid instances, unless you’re in one of the top guilds, which requiere some gear to join.

  3. Lol ohh nice, Gear helps I ended my WoW career raiding Uladar and some tournament ground event, really miss the 40man raids 25man raids now feel so tiny but once you get used to it they are actually better but good old 40man Naxx was a blast!

    • I’m jealous, when I started playing retail it was already on hard TBC stage, which means no Pre-TBC raids, so I never could do Onyxia/MC/BWL/ZG/Naxx. Now all I can do is go on this private server and grasp at least part of the feeling which comes with raiding them half-scripted. (For a private server they’re AMAZINGLY scripted though)

      Once my exams are over I suppose I will join some hard raiding guild and finally do some BWL/AQ(The second one is yet to be released).. Should be fun.

  4. Oh ya I liked the TBC instances lots of hard content in there especially in SSC lady vashj she was freaking tough to kill required lots of team work between 25 people all on ventrillo, great feeling when you finally killed her. Next would have been Illidan another tough fight, I think thats the most fun I ever had in WoW would have been TBC expansion. After all of that Wrath was kind of meh to me, your private server thing sounds like fun thou! as for the hardcore raiding ill tell you something I tried it for a month and didn’t enjoy that, but you might find it fun.

  5. My dad raids without really going with his guild thanks to blizzard for releasing a raid quest for badges gives people a reason to take pugs into random raids. And they plan on allowing cross server raids in the future, currently you can do 5mans like that now. But hardcore raiding is for people who have thick skin meaning can take a few mean comments about how they heal,dps and tank. Not that I don’t have thick skin its just beating your head against a brick wall for 4hours trying to down 1 boss eats away at your patients lol…

    • Yeah, I don’t mean THAT hard raiding which is on offical servers, I can imagine how hard it is to get down let’s say Illidan. But on private servers it’s all much, much more simple, and even on PUG we managed to get down most of the MC bosses(2 tries for most of them though).

  6. Ah ya duh your private server gotcha I thought you meant live servers lol, well that sounds good. I did enjoy the MC days well somewhat minus the long hour raids and constant deaths and people talking to domo before we got set up lmao..good times.

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