Angel Beats – How silly can the plot get?

Yes, I realise that I was really into the series after the splendid first episode, but now it’s getting more and more stupid. At first I was like ‘There’s no God and Angels so we fight God and Angels sounds KINDA silly but let’s face it, who cares about their dumb ideology’, then I was like ‘Why are they all dying stupidly in one episode…?’ (Episode 2) and now finally I’m asking myself: ‘What the fuck am I watching?’…

The plot of the episode is all about the guitarist of the band ‘Girls Dead Monster'(Who the hell invented that name!), there’s lots of fail drama flying around and comparing to the previous episodes this one is much, much worse.

So like in any other falling down serie, the pink haired girl of doom approaches to bring destruction to our brains. Cute? No, Funny? No, Annoying? YES. Guess when it’s ‘Key’ there’s always some little girl for drama at some point…

Also, the new character: Nerd wearing rectangular glasses who wants to call him Christ. Jesus my brain is dying…

But that’s not all, appearently he can recite Pi, which is so damn orginal and it totally didn’t happen in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or anywhere else. Unless he does atleast what SHE can do, why bother showing that, we already know the guy is a bookworm.

Further in the episode, the operation to infiltrate Angel’s dorm is successful, and appearently dumb beyond the borders, as it turns out she has a computer with the Operating System above, hmm sounds familiar doesn’t it? But the best part is, they don’t know the password to log in, and guess what! The nerd can hack Windows XP’s users management! (Shit, I said that).

Finally there’s Key Coffee. Probably the most dramatic drink in the universe!

Now as you can see, there’s much to whine about, especially that it looked so good at the beginning. Now the whole lack of experience in Key’s productions, which were completely alike and introduced only different drama aspects, strikes as they can’t connect good drama with action at all. It becomes ridiculous just when it should be deep and sad. I can’t really say I’ve been touched by anything they showed so far.. These memories of ‘how everyone died’ are damn stupid and random…

Still, I like Tenshi-chan and the comedy, plus that’s the first episode that I really didn’t enjoy, therefore I’m still going to follow it.

6 comments on “Angel Beats – How silly can the plot get?

  1. personally i think its still pretty good but i think this was a waste of an episode. i think it was more to explain how things worked like how being in the school isnt the only way to go poof and how angel and her shit works.

  2. Sorry but it’s too damn dumb, after 3 episodes there is no hope left.
    I’ve tried, I’ve seriously tried, but I don’t have any idea what the hell you people see in this crap.

  3. See, it’s the magic of pacing. Of these thirteen episodes I’m willing to chance some will feel awfully rushed or inadequate because time was spent elsewhere doing unimportant things.
    Of course, to actually make a judgment I need to watch the episode :p It looks alright for a character development episode though, could be worse :/…

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