Spring Anime Ratings – What’s liked the most so far?

Just like with the Winter Season Ratings, I decided to make the list of the most liked Anime so far this Spring. When the season is over, I’ll make yet another ratings post to see how they changed.

Again basing on MyAnimeList but this time including Rating + Favourites. I skipped series that aren’t popular in the Blogsphere. Imo it looks horrible at the moment: Arakawa is surely lower than deserved, it should be above  K-On! and Kaichou wa Maid-sama, but it’s lower even than Ichiban.  And why the hell ecchi and typical shoujo are so high anyway? 3rd and 5th?… Appearently Romance/Fanservice anime = recipe for easy success.  Well, thanks god Heroman is lowest.

And how the heck two bad shows win on favourites? I bet every eccentric who likes these feels the urge to mark it as a favourite after only a few episodes…

7 comments on “Spring Anime Ratings – What’s liked the most so far?

  1. umm…I am always surprised by the choice of general people. They can be very diverse or predictable.
    Nevertheless, B Gata H Kei is ranked unbelievably low.

    • No K-On! and no Angel Beats? Dude! You aren’t watching ‘Top 5 Anime of the Spring’, community is going to point and laugh at you! I should pick up Kaichou wa Maid-sama again because it’s such a good show now that I checked the stats!

      .. I guess!

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