Angel Beats – The Brain melting continues

While most Bloggers talking about the 4th episode posted this little pink mother***** doing

Kira~!’ or ‘Nyan~!’ pose, I decided I’d pick something that looks much more satisfying.

As expected, the new episode isn’t shining with clever plot turn-arounds or… Well, anything. Plus,  ‘Please die once and for all’ title goes to the glowing pink-baka above. This post is completely dedicated to her annoying persona, as appearently Himeji had a little sister who is going to torment us until the next season of Baka to Test gets aired so the sisters can switch.

First thing happening in the episode is Yui being introduced as a new pain-in-the-ass character, who also became a singer for the new Opening. Although that little piece of shit girl is singing really well, it’s still damn annoying to see her as an important role. (Goddamn it, pink-haired wannabe-cute girls ARE EVERYWHERE! No wonder the volcanos are erupting)

Oh, and by the way the new Opening is quite okay, can’t see it much worse/better than the one before.

Surprisingly, the worst motive in the episode isn’t connected to her, as the dumbest thing happening was Ninja-girl holding broom on her fingertip for the whole episode, as she felt lack of concentration for failing in the last mission. (Oh don’t worry sir, not only your head hurts trying to understand the point in it).

Instant +100 respect.

The character above started shining for me with that very moment, as he appearently thinks the same way I am and keeps bullying that monster. Thanks god, savior!

Oh you bet mine did…

So overall, the anime that looked so perfect in the first episode turned into worst-case-scenario terror anime serie which is getting more annoying than enjoyable to watch. Now pardon me, I shall meditate to control all the anger and hopefully be able to continue the show.

4 comments on “Angel Beats – The Brain melting continues

  1. Ugh. Yui was annoying! I almost dropped this show today for 3 reasons:
    1. Random baseball episode.
    2. Yui was incredibly annoying.
    3. It looked like a repeat of last week’s plot with blue-haired guy “disappearing” after he caught the ball.

    Fortunately there were a couple of good jokes tucked in there, and 3 never happened. Also, as you pointed out, Yui was severely and repeatedly punished for being annoying.

    If this had been my first exposure to this series I would never bother with another episode. It has been interesting and funny at times, however, so I’m sure I’ll keep watching, instead.

    • I’m in the same position, it’s annoying but I continue as it can be funny at times. But why the hell Baseball episode when they stick jokes in every even serious eps? Too damn random just like you said.

  2. Heh, Yui’s 300% genki personality makes people real split on her. I love her myself, half because of the cute char design and half because of her alternate yakuza personality xD

    Episode 4 was made for the Little Busters! fans.

    • Uh, can’t really blame you for that! It’s my personal hatred toward little pink-haired girls that makes me spit lots of saliva on her. (Bad memories from Seitokai no Ichizon, Baka to Test and many other).

      I like one thing about her though.. Calling every moron around ‘baka’, she’s right at this point. Oh and she looks cute when the blue-haired guy breaks her in half.

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