4 Down, 4 To Go

Now that in the newest FMA:Brotherhood episode the flames of rage cool down, the secret behind Envy’s jealousy is revealed. It was such a dramatic, and most of all – awesome part of the plot, that’s surely now in my very top of  favourite Anime scenes, including whole Envy vs Roy motive. (Episode 54 spoilers ahead)

As shocking as it was, Envy is envious of humans. Throughout the serie calling them worse, flawed and stupid, he starts noticing that they actually are always able to stand on their feet, no matter the difficulties. The whole anger was caused by jealousy, as he was incapable to understand how can people be so strong. That little crying parasite was surely the first Homunculus that actually showed lots of emotions, he even beat Lust on this one.

The truth was too hard to bear though, and Envy, who just few minutes before was begging for his life commited a suicide. That’s why I consider it the perfect finale.

Roy realised the destructive nature of his revenge, and Envy his true self through Ed’s words. Both of them changed their ways in a scene  full of breath-taking drama.

And finally they meet, since it’s still quite a few episodes from the end, I suppose Hohenheim will lose and become part of Homunculus‘ body. That’s just a simple guessing though. Either way, the meeting shall be exciting!

Sloth, Pride, Selim, Homunculus and it’s all over. Can’t wait damnit! But on the other hand I don’t want my favourite Anime to end.. Damn it damn it!

7 comments on “4 Down, 4 To Go

  1. The only thing I didn’t like was ‘don’t-kill-him’ whine. Care to explain why killing Envy would suddenly change Roy into killing machine driven by madness ?

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