Huge Blogroll update!

I’ve added a few anime sites that I check out daily to my Blogroll. Yet I feel like it’s still a small list so I’ll look around for some other interesting Anime blogs that I could add.

If any writer would like an image under the name, feel free to give it!

Also, I’m getting quite bored of the current theme so I wonder about changing it soon, not sure yet though…

7 comments on “Huge Blogroll update!

  1. Its always fun to change and alter themes! I leave all of that to Ruby lol shes the boss when it comes to that sort of thing. Nice blog by the way nice posts =) nice to see non anime posts! I need to start doing that too.

    • Thanks, there was much more variety on this blog in its previous form ( – deleted Anime posts from there) as it was supposed to be Games blog, but I decided I prefer discussin Anime AND to say thing or two about TV shows/games from time to time.

      About Theme – I’ve got no host so I can pick only from few standard themes, which mostly are bad.

  2. *gasps* BM is on your blogroll!! ahh it’s such a honor xD! I’m still sorting out some blogs, I’ll add your link when I’m done :) Oh you started in Nov 2009?? I think our blogs are around same age.. that’s so cool! I think this current theme looks fine but change is always good too ^^

    • I seriously doubt it’s any honor, but you’re welcome!

      And thanks in advance for adding my blog, which is finally getting out of Blogsphere shadows.

      I’ve looked around a bit and there’s nothing to pick without uploading a new theme, so I think I’ll stick to this one for a longer while..

  3. Ruby is following me! just kidding, It is always fun getting comments and people visiting. I tend to visit lots of blogs to see what they are reviewing/following makes for fun ideas seeing what others think about the same shows you watch.

  4. Woohoo, CSW! Thank you for adding us to your blogroll. I’ll get approval from our big boss man to get you added to ours as well. A spiffy site you have here indeed.

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