Spring Top 10 OPs/EDs

This one is based completely on my own feelings towards them, while judging I’m considering:  Style, variety, depth, music and finally the impression.

10. Angel Beats! Ending – 「Brave Song」

Not much to explain here – the studio was really lazy, but they could afford quite a good music. Static, nothing special, watching it mostly because I can’t be arsed to skip it to see preview, has a bit of atmosphere in it. Deserves last spot like nothing else.

9. Rainbow Ending – 「A Far-Off Distance」

Now that was a tough choice, the music is quite good, but again it’s awfully lazy Ending. Still, here we atleast get to see some changing scenes. Although it is filling the show with ‘depth’ to the very end, I don’t really feel like watching it.

8. Kaichou wa Maid-sama Ending– 「Yokan」

Now here’s completely objective choice – I dislike it myself (Except for music which is good), but I suppose girls watching that shoujo aren’t as disturbed by first seconds of it as I am(OH DAMN YOU ‘KAKKOI SYNDROME’ GUY). Further it gets better and if I closed my eyes properly at the beginning I’d probably be watching it, therefore I think it deserves this spot.

7. K-On! Season 2 Opening – 「Go! Go! Maniac!」

Big disappointment, but let’s face it – It deserves to be in top, as it fills in K-On! atmosphere perfectly. Then why not higher? (Lower spot) Because it’s nothing new comparing to the first season, even music got way worse. Guess the scenes make it worth to watch after all, when we get used to that terrible track.

6. Arakawa Under the Bridge Ending -「 Sakasama Bridge」

Feels good, the music is above average, cool spotlight on characters, enjoyable to watch. It’s not perfect, but surely a great ending for such a careless comedy.

5. House of Five Leaves Opening – 「Sign of Love」

Now that one was stylish, the view coming from the mountain and moving backwards with some nice, soothing music and characters on the background made it interesting. It’s quite lazy, but it fits the Anime so perfectly that it actually is a good side of it.

4. Arakawa Under the Bridge Opening -「Venus to Jesus」

Funny style, randomness known in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Bakemonogatari, with some catchy music. It’s orginal in its own way and surprising, every time I watch it, I realise how many scenes  I didn’t remember to be in there. I especially liked Nino playing the ‘I wub you let’s hug’ role.  Surely unskippable part of the episode.

Now comes the top 3!

3. Rainbow Opening – 「We’re not Alone」

That reminds me of the second opening of Death Note, it’s hard, it’s fast and really cool music, which is a good difference. I really like most of the scenes, but characters introduction makes me think it looks like a fanmade more than a professional studio work, but then I get all these deep scenes which remind me why it’s not even close to it. Really like it.

2. Angel Beats! Opening -「My Soul, Your Beats!」

Now the main question is: why is it better than Rainbow’s? Well, first of all it’s nicely building the atmosphere, while in Rainbow Opening we got thrown into hard beats from the very beginning(The pace – it’s like cold rain in that one, while AB! is more like a few raindrops followed by rain, which is more compelling). Other thing is that AB! opening includes much more variety and wisely picked scenes, while Rainbow is focusing mostly on few scenes with high amount of effects on them. (Quite too much) Now precisely on Angel Beats! opening – It’s really nice, I wouldn’t call it perfect or even close it, but surely it’s the right tool for the serie.

1. K-On! Season 2 Ending – 「Listen!!」

Here’s the winner!

But of course, Mio vocals shall triumph! It’s not really about my love(Wait what) towards the Moe Queen, but more like perfect, catchy music with a really surprising scenes, warped up in style. I love how all characters look in there, plus it’s got some depth in it too – people keep wondering who’s that other Mio and what is it supposed to mean.  Even though it’s based on total hit, which was first season’s ending ‘Don’t say Lazy!‘, it’s still awesome even though the concept was already used in this Anime.

Do you think I skipped something? Be sure to tell me then!

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