Murderous Anime Children are Awesome

I can kill you with one finger, ~Tee-hee!

Fourth episode of Arakawa Under the Bridge introduces two new and surely eccentric characters: First is a little girl from an orphange, who’s mysteriously capable of beating the crap of pretty much anyone, and second is Maria, who is a woman with razor-like tongue, beating the crap out of certainly everyone. Now imagine Maria teaching little Stella to deal mental damage beside her deadly moves that Ric could experience – material for a main badass!

Go easy on me~!(So I can test my new combo that will fuck you up~!)

Now count with Stella everyone!

We get to see the limited edition though.
Oww, sowwy~! I didn’t mean it.
…NOT! You better watch your back for I am the boss now, bitch!
What seemed to be just a simple hug, was indeed a special move ‘Kamikaze’. Isn’t that cute, Recruit-kun?

And for a finish some encouraging words from a newly met neighbour.

Aren’t the girls living under the bridge adorable? Oh sure they are,  just as long as you do as they say.

Overall,  another exciting episode filled up with great comedy, especially I liked ‘I’ll hold you like a Princess’ scene during the date and all the parts with the new characters. Seriously, I never get bored of deadly kids. Everytime someone says ‘Oh, she’s just a little weak girl..’ I know what to expect, and it’s never been really disappointing.

2 comments on “Murderous Anime Children are Awesome

  1. Oh, damn. If I got with the times I could’ve used this episode to further stick my sore point out there in my physical violence post… Alright, time for times getting :p

    Hey, isn’t the second and third hit of her combo from Uchiha Sasuke’s Shishi Renge though? I pray that I’m wrong, because I shouldn’t even know that.

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