New theme! And since it’s the new default WordPress theme with customizable background, I decided to try it out, so tell me how do you like it. As you can see it has been invaded by Shizuo, which resulted in lots of bloody marks to make it look better, still it was half-an-hour work so I wouldn’t expect it to look too impressive, but I think it’s a bit better than the last one. Anyway, counting on you to tell me your first impressions! Thanks in advance.

8 comments on “Shizuo’d!

  1. Love your background…maybe I should use this theme as well but I have to fix several code problems in my older posts which makes to font goes wrong first -_-

    • I like that it’s the first theme where we can manipulate the background. Theme is simple itself, but it’s open for many changes and that’s cool.

  2. So has anyone noticed the lyrics to Modern Strange Cowboy in the header?
    Awesome theme; grungy crisp. Never knew that was possible. I’m thinking over a new theme too, as it has inevitably become a bit boring, but I spent too much time on it to gather the heart to take it off…

  3. The header I made of some wallpaper with Shizuo and Izaya, didn’t really know where the lyrics come from, nice to know.

    Then make a screenshot and then change it :P

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