B Gata H Kei – It’s so wrong

I told myself I’m gonna check it out, and I guess I kept my word. Bravely. As I can already say – It’s the dumbest Animu of the season. But hey! Angel Beats suddenly became better!

Truth is, I wouldn’t follow it, if it was as dead comedy as Working! or typical like Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, but here instead we get to see something different – A sluttish girl trying to get into Cherry-kun’s(Random virgin met in a bookstore) pants. I never liked Ecchi, but this show despite having such a story, is actually more focused on comedy and (oh I know you wanted to hide it, producers) romance.

Lots of comedy is based on Yamada’s stupidity. She gives the feeling of a Tarzan who ran all the way from the jungle to rape people, but as it turns out, she’s completely uncapable of doing so.

She even considered all possible places for ‘love’, while actually being afraid even to kiss, what actually was the biggest step on her way to losing virginity IN EPISODE 4! That’s quite funny, it took 4 long episodes to do that. ‘Someone walks in‘ motive got pretty boring already. (As if it never was) So what’ll be the next big step, sentimental hug?

Wow! Plot twist! .. Oh, wait..

Don’t be fooled, they won’t go any further for another XX episodes. Or ever.

Yes, it’s going that far in Yamada’s head.

Ok, the Anime is dumb, the characters make you facepalm all the time but it actually can be funny sometimes. Therefore I’m still going to stick to it, as certainly there’s not much to watch anyway.

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5 comments on “B Gata H Kei – It’s so wrong

  1. KwMS was okay, and I just wasn’t that impressed by Working, either. The premise for B Gata H Kei made me go >_>, though. I mean, she’s still afraid to kiss someone? I need some comedy this season, though xd

    • Her personality makes it completely mysterious what is and what’s not she afraid of. So far I’d guess that she’s scared of p**** but not of Sex, which makes lots of sense. Not.

      By the way, awesome site right there, adding to Blogroll!

    • Yeah, with the lack of comedy I picked it up too. Arakawa is definitely not enough.

      Now you both call her either special or crazy, well, I’d say ‘Irrational’ or ‘Paradoxical’ :P

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