Tenshi-chan is Lonely

Awww..! Stop that Key, it’s unfair when you make Tenshi-chan sad to break my heart wide open. Kill Yurippe instead!

I must say I’m impressed, that’s the second episode next to the 1st that actually was good all the way through it. Although it seemed like another ‘What the fuck are you guys doing‘ kind of episode at the beginning.

Yurippe: Angel assault’s begins…

What I expected:

What I got:

Yurippe: …It’s exam season!

Talking about disappo- Ooh, she looks cute!~ (And we learn her true name: Tachibana Kanade :3) Fifth episode plan is to ruin Angel’s test results, so that she is ashamed and loses the position of the Student Council.

…Which requieres some harsh methods

Or Even MORE harsh methods

And as the plan succeeds, it’s time for Operation Tornado no.2!

Which means pink monster as a new Vocal for Girls-De-Mo, plus a new song.

But hey, something goes wrong and Tenshi comes just for a .. Ticket.. Whoa, that’s some /sadmoeface we got there.

And appearently our cute Tenshi-chan has been replaced by someone who I suspect to be Tenshi-kun, and since he’s definitely not moe and looks like a green crap, I want Tenshi-chan to take her spot back, nao!

Must say I loved the progression between Anti-Angel squad and Angel. It would be so awesome if Tenshi-chan joined them, or atleast fought together. Either way, we get the first badass of the serie. Kick his ass Haru- *cough* Yuri! And there’s no denying now, Tenshi is a lovely, moe, completely cute and a homo sapiensish being. (A bit naive though)

6 comments on “Tenshi-chan is Lonely

  1. Not a bad episode this time, them picking on her was a bit sad but I guess they wanted to see how she would react. The distraction moments made for some great and funny scenes I die when they play the theme music to a comedic “death” makes me laugh, I still think Tenshi-chan is trying to help them move on but they refuse to listen or become friends.

    • Tenshi-chan is the only character in there that actually can make me feel sad. I mean seriously, all these flashbacks and what-not don’t make any impression, while sad Angel-chan is truly touching.

      Yea lol, I loved these REPLAYs with drama music in the background. Surprisingly enough noone cared that things like that happened, AB!’s stupidity strikes again I suppose :P

  2. The REPLAYS gave me boughts of ROFLMAO mixed with WTHISDIS. I never expected the use of the same joke over and over again, with different buildup, can be so good~

    That being said, awesome photoshop xD
    Much Tenshi support could be felt after this episode~

  3. Yeah, I felt so cheap laughing at those rocketchairs. Like ‘man, I’m so easy to get’.
    So once again it seems I’m the only one on the planet that has problems with this episode. Oh well, I enjoyed it in the end, so I’ll just roflmao and stop complaining.

    So does anyone think that Yui is the exact same height as Iwasawa in the concert scenes?
    Suddenly hugging her in an empty cafeteria might be asking to get Hand Sonic’d.

    • The episode was indeed dumb, but it was nothing comparing to others.

      Doesn’t matter, her Hand Sonic is also cute. Did I mention that I love how she spells ‘distortion’?…

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